Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Detail on the submarine tumor pillow Posted by Picasa

My friend made this crochet thing for me. We call it the Sumbarine/Tumor pillow. I love it. I love it way too much.- and I keep it on my bed. Fiancee HATES it. Posted by Picasa

Another view Posted by Picasa

Front of Cosys - Red one for my SVP. Blue Speckeled for my Supervisor Posted by Picasa

Back of both cosys Posted by Picasa

Crochet detail on Cosy Posted by Picasa

Detail more detail on Cosy  Posted by Picasa

Another angle Posted by Picasa

Scarf for my Mother in Law - knit longways - stripes are all multiples of 4 rows. Made from Rowan Tweed. I LOVE that yarn. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My 2nd lace project in progress...... Vogue Fall 2005 I think it's called Diamond and Webs. It's taking forever. I am almost done now (picture is abouta month old), but it's been something like two months since I started!!! Posted by Picasa

Chris and I getting ready to leave for my word Christmas party. Where are my arms???? Once again, my best friend had to lend me her husband as a date because my Fiancee is out of town. Posted by Picasa

Amanda's purse post-felting (I DID NOT MAKE THIS, AMANDA DID!!!) Posted by Picasa

Amanda's purse pre-felting  Posted by Picasa

Messenger bag drying - pretty good felting job for my first time. Almost no stitches show Posted by Picasa

The messenger bag post-felting Posted by Picasa

The messenger bag drying (againg) Posted by Picasa

The messenger bag pre-felting Posted by Picasa

A couple of my friends at my knitting club! One is a crochet-er, but I don't hold that against her. In fact, It's why I named my group Santa Cruz Knit and Crochet. Posted by Picasa