Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just finished the MARLEY Scarf from knitty for my Boyfriend. He loves it! I love it, too. I am jealous and want one of my own........... I really want one. I may make one for myself. I sort of have the idea that I would love to make a bed-spread out of this pattern. I know it would take a long time, but it might just be worth it. That, or I could possibly make a great christmas "chain" for X-mas decorations in red or green.......v. fun. Gold is also an interesting option. Oh well, I already have enough light grey, dark gray, and black to make an additional scarf from each, so I may just do that. I just don't like making that pattern very much. It's sort of mind numbing. I love the finished result, though. It's a fabulous pattern. It turns out amazing. I just get a little tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Hmmmm.

Will post pictures as soon as I manage to take some. May be some time as the camera lives at my apartment and the scarf will be living at home.... (I mean my boyfriend's house).

In other news, two more weeks and then I am finished with statistics and that means life is good.

IN AWESOME NEWS - found a yarn store right by my boyfriend's house. It is a rocking awesome store and found three books to purchase right off. One is "New Knits on the Block" which is all kid's play clothes. I had an excuse to buy this as my best friend is PREGNANT! It's
officially 6 months today. I also found a cute how-to children 's book from around 1920....I think. AND I found a book on victorian white knit doileys and the like. Tasty Tasty knitting. And I got some nice purple yarn to make a baby blanket that I designed after looking at one that a co-worker had. So, life is good. As soon as stats is over, I intend to knit up a storm!!!

Alright. Peace OUT, my Knittas!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Hair 'Do!!

Here is my new hair-cut. Not so romantic as my long dark hair....but still good.

In knitting news, working on Marley's Ghost, a scarf pattern from knitty.

Learned about urban knitting and have an urgent need to start up on it. Curses!

Have been debating doing my Knitting Guild Master Knitter thing. Haven't joined because I would be joining to do the Master Knitter thing and don't want to pay dues for something I won't be taking advantage of.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I never post on this thing.
I should
I've been knitting, but not half so much as I could be knitting if I didn't have grad-school.

Most recently I finished two scarves, both 20 stitches in the pattern:
All rows: *K4, P4*

Then I did the "My So-Called Scarf" - it turned out awesomely great, but it's already on its way to its future owner (my girlfriend's dad), and I have yet to unpack my digital camera and doc, so there are no pictures available.

Recently had the idea to begin a random scrap blanket from the scraps left in my stash...I am fanatic about using up left-overs. I envision it to be a bit like the blanket knit by the main character in "Like Water for Chocolate." I just intend to keep going in garter, picking up whatever odd or end I need to use up at the time. I have a small trunk full of such scraps. I originally cast on about 250 stitches, but I am going to take it out and re-cast 400 or 500.

In other news, Knitting Podcasts make my time at the gym much more bearable. Thank you, Marie Irshad!!!

And lastly, huge paper due in about a week for my Employment Law class. Huge amount of stressing! And have also been daydreaming about finally getting started on 1) my knitting artwork 2) the beaded and knit table runner I designed 3) starting the knitting guild's master knitter program.

Well, ta for now. Am off to inventory my knitting books, magazines, and loose patterns (the kind you buy, not print from the web), then I will inventory all of my fiber. (This is me unwinding before bed)


Monday, March 26, 2007

Can you see the cable? (hint, it runs down the middle) Can you see the "chevrons?" They are the little stripies down the sides. This is the beginning of a sock from IK, Fall 2006 issue called Father and Son Socks. I am doing the father size, although I am going to try to alter it from a 9.5 Mens to a 12 mens - wish me luck. The yarn is a dream - I would write it down if I remembered the brand. Not to worry, however, I purchased enough to also knit myself two pairs of knee socks - if I ever make it through my backlog of projects................ I just hope the person who these socks are for enjoys them. This is my first pair of patterned socks (as in, not plain stockinette), and I am enjoying making them immensely!

Branching Out - From Knitty. I am about halfway done with this one. I am making it out of green, fuzzy, but not overly fuzzy, yarn I found at a thrift store for 50 cents a ball. Yay! Of course, I am about halfway done, and have only finished 1 out of 5 balls. I think I will finish this off, give it to the intended recipient, and then make a 2nd to either give away or wear myself. The Branching Out pattern is super-simple, but looks all sorts of fancy-pants impressive. I like doing it because the even rows are all purl and the odd rows are all similar. There are only 10 rows in the pattern, so really, on 5 rows of lace to do. And the product is great - I mean look at it!

Here we are with the sadness of my life.
This lovely, sparkly, and slightly varigated dark blue and gold is called "galaxy" and is a very soft, but heavy feeling cotton which smells like a nice fabric softener. It was supposed to be made into Knitty's "Convertible" which is a convertible shawl, wrap, shrug, poncho pattern. I got all of this done......and it looks really nice in the lace pattern, if I do say so myself...... and then I realized that I had exactly half of what I needed material-wise. The pattern calls for 2 skiens -2! I had missed that it needed two and thought I was good. And, well, this was the only skien in the color and I bought it something like 2 years ago now. Le sigh. I just had to take a picture before I ripped the entire thing out.

I tried to take the picture about 500 times in the mirror. It didn't work. so, I finally settled on the old-standby of holding the camera out in front of me......... did the trick. This is another one of my "Seaman's Cap"s. I found the pattern online for free- but it was also in the knitting day calender from two years ago. I love this pattern. I made 4 caps so far. One small read one for me, a black and a white for a friend in the extra big size, and a mid-sized one, also featured.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Odessa hat from Grumperina's Site. She make the most beautifully wonderful patterns. Once I stop being too lazy to do my links, I will link to her so you can make this awesome hat as well. This pattern is free on her site and is also featured in the free online pattern magazine, Magknits.

This lovely hat was knit for my ex-fiancee's mom. She's a great person, and the second picture is of her wearing it the day I gave it to her at work.

She wanted a matching scarf, which I just finished. I'll post a picture and the pattern as soon as I get it uploaded onto the computer. : )