Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding post 1

So, you know I haven't been around a lot lately. And you know that it's pretty much because of this whole wedding thing that's been taking all of my non-work time (and I don't exactly get a lot of non-work time!)

So, this will be a little of a scattered post, but I'll try to briefly tell the story (since I just got married and now I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks on my honeymoon)

So, remember a year and a half ago? Well, this guy I was really into got me one of these and so I got engaged.

And then I did some of this:

which is basically spinning this:

And somewhere along the way we bought a house.
(That's its own long story!)

And then my friend on the other side of the country spent some time making me a dress, which I had pinned on by a different friend...

And the person who pinned it happened to be my "Maid of Science" so I wove her a scarf.

And then I had to make some centerpieces for the wedding. This was the original proto-type, but we eventually decided to lose the feathers...

And then my friend Snoopy had some fiber he needed spun for his mom's friend:

Oh, and then my friends lovingly did my hair and makeup on the big day and I had to make my garters talk to my mom. [Oh, were you expecting me to post pictures and be all "I'm so pretty la la la"...? Nah, first you get the funny one :) ] [besides, this cracks me up everytime I look at it. I was litterally talking in this weird low voice like my garter was a lounge singer.....don't ask)