Saturday, August 31, 2013

Baby and Bounty

Well, I did it. I had a baby. It was, well, it was certainly something. And for those of you who don't like children, I cannot promise this will be a child-free blog. I'll try to never be worthy of STFU Parents (which is hilarious, you should definitely go check it out), but I'm a mom now and when I blog, life spills all over the page. However, let me assure that the baby pictures are conveniently located at the top of this post, and then it's all non-kid photos.

So let's do a little bit of catch-up, shall we?

First, the baby talk!
Here's my little man on the day he was born: 7/16

Weight - 7lbs 10.2 oz (a good size fleece!)
Length - 20 inches

We did the Bradley method, no drugs, IV, or anything. It was....intense. I might have moaned things in the height of labor that I am not proud of, like "this was a bad idea" and "I want to go home." What can I say? I'm human, and it really hurt!

Here's Little G with his daddy. You can't see it here, but Little G is definitely the Husbean's mini-me. It's kinda funny. He gives me the same little looks, only in miniature. This picture is the wallpaper on my phone right now. I like it because of scale. My Husbean is not a small man, and the baby was totally, well, a baby. The difference is still pretty big.

Here we are after a walk. I'm a big proponent of baby-wearing because hey, extra calories! Also, it's kinda nice to have the baby super-close so you can check his breathing every two seconds. Psssh, I'm a new mom, what do you expect? Also, look, he's holding my hand! Well, finger, but he wants to hold my hand. He thinks I'm awesome. At least I think he thinks that. He thinks it in my mind. I've decided that I'm his favorite person - although probably because I'm the one that feeds him. We'll just forget the fact that he calms down the best for his father and not me.

Ok, on with the non-baby items.

Well, the tomato jungle is beginning to peter out. I pulled this off after about a week of no picking. However, not all of them were ripe. I ended up deciding to cut down a lot of the vines to get room to trellis up some of the better producing vines and stop losing so many tomatoes to wildlife and rot due to them growing on the ground.  Because I was tossing those vines, I figured it would make sense to pull off even the least ripe of the tomatoes and see if I could either ripen them indoors or find something to do with them that showcased their un-ripeness. The ripe tomatoes you see here? All made into slow roasted tomatoes in olive oil and are being slowly consumed on top of toast with goat cheese.

And then there is the time-honored tradition of stealing from your neighbors.

Ok, well not really stealing as we have an agreement that we pick the fruit that hangs over our side and don't make them pay to trim the trees on our side. Between you and me, we totally got the better end of that deal. Exhibit A: Avocados. Are they not delicious looking?

Next up, green figs. Now, I like figs, but only as much as a normal person. My Husbean, on the other hand, loves them with a love that transcends this world. But he does like the black ones better.  So, anyway, this little bit of theft was completely selfless as I didn't partake of them. The saint that I am, I saved them all for him.

Oh, and I finished Daybreak #4. This one is for my friend, Jen. It's in 3 colors. This is not a great picture, but the Daybreak turned out gorgeous, even if I was a little leery of doing it in 3 colors instead of the usual 2. If you haven't knitted one of these, you NEED TO KNIT IT RIGHT NOW! Seriously. I made 4 of them already. I'm kind of itching to start another one....but right now that would mean winding yarn and I don't have enough free time for that right now. Instead, I've been picking up things that have yarn that I don't need to wind. I'm hoping the next one I do can be out of handspun. I certainly have enough of it. But I've got several more projects cast on already.........