Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just finished the MARLEY Scarf from knitty for my Boyfriend. He loves it! I love it, too. I am jealous and want one of my own........... I really want one. I may make one for myself. I sort of have the idea that I would love to make a bed-spread out of this pattern. I know it would take a long time, but it might just be worth it. That, or I could possibly make a great christmas "chain" for X-mas decorations in red or green.......v. fun. Gold is also an interesting option. Oh well, I already have enough light grey, dark gray, and black to make an additional scarf from each, so I may just do that. I just don't like making that pattern very much. It's sort of mind numbing. I love the finished result, though. It's a fabulous pattern. It turns out amazing. I just get a little tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Hmmmm.

Will post pictures as soon as I manage to take some. May be some time as the camera lives at my apartment and the scarf will be living at home.... (I mean my boyfriend's house).

In other news, two more weeks and then I am finished with statistics and that means life is good.

IN AWESOME NEWS - found a yarn store right by my boyfriend's house. It is a rocking awesome store and found three books to purchase right off. One is "New Knits on the Block" which is all kid's play clothes. I had an excuse to buy this as my best friend is PREGNANT! It's
officially 6 months today. I also found a cute how-to children 's book from around 1920....I think. AND I found a book on victorian white knit doileys and the like. Tasty Tasty knitting. And I got some nice purple yarn to make a baby blanket that I designed after looking at one that a co-worker had. So, life is good. As soon as stats is over, I intend to knit up a storm!!!

Alright. Peace OUT, my Knittas!