Thursday, November 18, 2010


Alright, a lot of people in the writing world are doing NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) in November. A lot of knitter's have adopted this idea and decided to do something called NaKnitSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month). Because I am a follower and am not a follower, I ended up doing my own sort of challenge: NaKniSoMo - National Knit Socks Month. What am I knitting? Well......remember the original Sasquatch Socks? Sure you do! They were for my friend Snoopy with the size 14 feet. And, oh yeah, they took forever! For pictures, see my posts in Feb or March (I think). I knit those socks during most of my trip in India and Dubai because, yes, they really did take that long! 

But Because I am a nice friend and Snoopy is a really great person (and because he seems to be wearing his socks all the time), I decided it was time for me to make him another pair. Thus, I present to you: 

Sasquatch Socks Part 2, Return of the Sasquatch Socks!

Those of you who listen to the podcast have already heard about these and their predecessors. And, of course, because I am always into the whole launch and iterate evolution of projects, these socks have a a few extra bells and whistles:

1. Extra 8 stitches at cuff for each - gusseted down the leg for extra breathability on the calf
2. 12+ inch long leg
3. 3+ inch heel flap
4. Purl side slip-stich heel flap for durability
5. Extra roomy heel gussets
6. Ribbed top of foot for great fit and comfort (ok, the first pair also had this, I admit)

The one drawback - I always have a hard time finishing socks without the person around to measure the foot on. So, while I think I will finish these in the month of November (which is amazing since I think they are larger than knee socks for my own more-than-ample feet), I cannot guarantee that they won't be just a touch too long in the foot. Ah well, Snoopy, I tried!

What? Where are the pictures??

Alright, alright, since I know looking at something come together over time is fun, here is the progression so far..........

The beginning couple of inches (that's right, magic loop, baby!)

Then more inches (those are size 9 feet in big chunky boots for comparison purposes)

Here they are on my work desk last week, measured against my full size nalgene water bottle and a Dicken's Fair door hanger. It's only fitting since they were knitting a fair deal during rehearsal downtimes and workshops for that fair.

Here they are stretched across the passenger seat in the car. Yes, that is a heel you see in the distance!
This was earlier this week.

TRAGEDY!! Why is there a knot in the middle of my ball of yarn?!

And this morning's shot . Here is the specimen in the wild. If these were knee socks for me, that amount of foot would be just right. However, the foot is less than half-way done. But I do have almost 2 more weeks left. Even with Thanksgiving and Dicken's Fair, I think I can make it.....just don't ask why my house isn't fully unpacked yet, k?

And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday morning as I realize I'm out of break time and need to get back to work!

~ Miss K

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OMG! Where have I been?

Yeah......I was thinking the exact same thing....

You wanna know where I've been? For those of you who listen to the podcast (, stop pretending you don't know what's going on. For the rest of you - WHAT? YOU DON'T LISTEN TO MY PODCAST?!! *dies*

Just kidding.

As some of you know and others of you will in a few more characters - I bought a house! That's right, me and the Fiance signed a ton of paper and handed over all our money, and now have a bright shiny new (well, actually 40+ year old) house. The only drawback? We haven't gotten it yet. There is a long and involved saga about that, but it's nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about....and, frankly, I don't want to see your brain leak out of your ears as I try to explain the fun ins and outs of mortgages and everything that can and did go wrong.  Let's just say that we're expecting keys, a roof that doesn't leak, and no one else living in it tomorrow. We're also expecting the stove to work. I know - I'm a total Asshole for wanting the thing I paid for to actually be what I paid for. I'm sure I'll have my share of money pit stories.....just not yet, ok?

And in the meantime - for those of you who listen to the podcast, want to see pictures of those things I've been talking about?

Why, what's this? It's my handspun Aeolian!

And this? Well, it's a lovely new Citron with an extra repeat (out of Zauberball)

And this? A simple cowl out of the rest of the Zauberball

Ah, and a legwarmer for my Derby friend! (both have since been finished with ends woven in, but no buttons yet)

And what the heck is this? Ok.....this is one of my lazy kates with a heavy laceweight single spun all from samples of spinning fibre provided by some "Spindies" wrapped around it. The needle there has the beginnings of a cowl. In my mind, this will be made into two cowls, one that ends about where the bright yellow begins and the other will begin there.
The standouts for me from these samples were: Yorkie Slave (not pictured, it was so nice I spun it separately) and Bee Mice Elf (the red patch in the middle). It spun like butter!

Hopefully my next post will be AFTER I get some keys!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Messed up - but trying again

Did you see that? Two days and then I forgot! Well, it's not that I really forgot to post, it's just that I kept giving myself work deadlines to meet before I was "allowed" to post. And, when I realized I was going to miss the day posting entirely......well, I was head on a pillow with eyes closed and I determined I was not getting up for a late post. After all, I was tired and who knows what would have come out?

So, today has been good in some ways and not as good in others. I have some substantial re-do work to do for my new boss - not because he's mean or picking on me or anything I can complain about, but because it's not the way he wants it and it's my job to do what my boss needs. If he wants these done another way - then I do them another way. And also, he had some really constructive feed-back, and I could see his points (and I, unfortunately, agreed with him). So more work for me. I usually find redos to be extremely frustrating, but not this time for some reason. Probably because I understand his points and also....maybe I've learned to let go a little. Anything is possible.

I'll probably be working tonight from home.....but I'm not mad. A little annoyed that it is necessary, but I understand that it's necessary, so that's a plus.

But what you want is a house/wedding update, right?
Wedding date still not set. Now I'm rethinking the MONTH. Oh dear
Fiance did not do his part of the guest list
Can't decide on theme until we square away just how big this shindig is going to be
So most plans are on hold.
In house news - I have been looking at the addresses suggested for our Sunday tour by my realtor on a website called So far I like the website, although it's kind of annoying. It is free and I can see pictures - this is what I need. Using that website, I disqualified 2 of the houses we were going to see. That's ok, we have about 10 left. I refuse to pay these prices for a house with a completely outdated kitchen. An old house I will take, an old and ugly kitchen....not for a price so high that I couldn't afford to fix it up!

That's where we are right now.
I'm thinking there may be rockband tonight. I don't think I'll be able to play much with the crew because I should spend some time working (and my throat is really sore). If I do play, I'm calling drums!

And also, have not managed a push-up yet (other than knee pushups), but worked out with 10extra pounds on a vest. I am getting to be one buff chick!

~ Miss K

P.S. Dogsitted the most adorable Yorkie at work today (work allows people to bring in their dogs)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying for a record here!

So, I'm trying something new, which will no-doubt fail, but it is worth trying.

Because I am spending so much time and energy on work these days, I thought it might be nice if I also did something other than work the entire time. And because I usually eat lunch at my desk so I can work extra, I thought a quick blog post might be a good way to break up the monotony of my long afternoons. This, then, is the 2nd of my daily posts. Look! 2 in a row! We'll see how long this lasts......

I finished my Citron (2nd one) yesterday. It turned out nice - and I did an extra tier on it, which made it larger. Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to take a picture of it to post tomorrow. It's in Zauberball - lovely pinks, purples, blacks, and all colors in between. It has not cured my need to get things off my needles. Frankly, at this point I am wondering how many things I need to finish to make that itch go away. So far it's been ripping out a shrug (it was not good), finishing a pair of socks, finishing the knitting on a sweater, the citron, and the aeolian. Oh, and ripping out a sock that had yarn too busy for the pattern. Now I only have a couple things left on the needles: Melon stitch shawl, 2 cowls (one patterned, one not), a pair of socks for Smartest Monkey (the Fiancee Man) , and I think a scarf hiding somewhere....probably in Smartest Monkey's car in case I forget knitting..... oh yeah, and a blanket for the living room that looks like a net and may be abducted into my steam punk costuming.

What I really want: to start a new sweater, DerbyA's derby legwarmers, and a wedding shawl.

I think DerbyA's legwarmers will be the next project I tackle. She's hot and she totally deserves cute legwarmers. Someone restrain me, I'm feeling pom poms coming on......

And that is your daily update the second.
Now back to the salt mines.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Did I mention?

So..... it comes to mind that I haven't written here for about a million and a half I probably never mentioned that I got engaged.


Well, I got engaged. My rediculously awesome boyfriend (now fiance) took me a on a cruise to Alaska and popped the question right in the middle of it. Sooooo, I now have one of the Big-Life-Questions (tm) figured out - I know who I'm lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with. And I am lucky, trust me. My recent bout with food poisoning this past weekend showed me that. After running all the errands I'd asked him to, including going to the grocery store for specific sickie-foods, he came home and made me toast and handed me a bouquet of flowers. Do you know what makes food poisoning better? That's right, getting flowers. I don't know why it works, it just does. It might be magic.

Now I am on the mend, hoping to get a lot of work done today, and hoping to be able to cook dinner tonight. That should be a nice reward for the guy who took care of me all weekend even though he wasn't feeling all that well himself.

And in other news, I finished the Aeolian Shawl from Knitty (well, Knittyspin).
There she is in the picture, knitted out of me-own handspun and blocking cheerfully.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Ramblings

So, it's been a pretty nice Friday so far. I've been nicely productive this week (granted, not so much as I'd like, but close), both in personal and professional life. That gives me a touch of leeway to update this thing - something I thought I'd deny myself if I wasn't being good enough in the rest of my life.

Here, on a nice, rambly, absolutely gorgeous Friday, allow me to share with you three wonderful things.

1st: A bracelet my lovely boyfriend had made for me by an Etsy seller. It's a charm bracelet, much like I had at 11 years old. However, instead of the treble clef and saxaphone charms, this one has charms of sheep, a spinning wheel, a ball of yarn, etc. Very thoughtful of him. I an incredibly lucky that I found such a loving man to share my life with.

2nd: A Coconut smoothie. Yes, you read that right. I have a slight coconut problem. It's almost an addiction. If there is something with coconut in it, sign me up. The more coconut, the better. I don't care if it is raw and in the husk, shredded and sugared (although I like less sugar rather than more), in juice form, in water form, or in milk form, baked into things...................and smoothied!!! All I can say is that it is a rare boss who brings you a coconut smoothie on a Friday afternoon.

3rd: Knitting. (I know, BIG surprise there). I started a new shawl last night and haven't stopped thinking about it all day. I feel really fortunate to have a hobby that I love this much, especially after 23 years. I hope I continue to get my happies from it for a long time (I certainly have enough yarn to!).

Hope your Friday is going as well as mine or better!

Friday, April 23, 2010

STOP! Update time

(you know, as in Hammer time? Oh forget it, I was a child in the 80s and 90s, I can't be held responsible for my references)

Whoa?! Another post in the same week? I am unstoppable! Amazing! Brilliant!.......or just having a really hard time focusing this afternoon after being up to all hours working most nights this week and concentrating so hard this morning at work that my brain tried to leak out my ears. Either way.

I have been informed that my new Ribby Cardi, which had gone to visit Aunti Jasmin of the Better Than Yarn Blog, is now being held hostage after Ms. Gigi so thoughtfully put in the zipper for me. Hostage! As in, I can't have it back unless I go visit....which I'm pretty much ok with, I mean my little doggie neice and nephew live there. And I need to get my Elphie skritches in to feel right. I'm hoping I'll be able to show said Ribby Cardi to you in the near future. Man, I need to find my camera. It's true that I am looking to upgrade and get a new camera altogether, but right now I would be willing to settle for finding the old one and getting my dubai pictures off of it and up on here.

What else? Well, not much except that I have been working a lot. I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend where I get a chance to go to the plant nursery, garden a little, and then knit and spin to my little evil black shriveled heart's content. What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How I survived a busy week at work....or did I?

Well, superfriends, those of you who know me in the flesh, listen to the podcast (, or are really perceptive will know that I have had a rough time at work lately - this is week two of what I am affectionately calling "OHMYGODOHMYGODAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!111-11111111111!!!!" (tm)

Long story short - it's just busy at work, as it tends to be when things change and people have lives and etc. etc. and so forth. Nothing to be done but throw my back into it and press on.

What does this mean to you? Unless you are my boyfriend, my kitty, or Jasmin, probably nothing. If you are, then it means I've been working long hours and being pretty darn unavailable. I've spent time in the past feeling sorry for myself that I'm not a better friend (I would also add not a better girlfriend, but I have to admit that I am possibly the best girlfriend ever, so it's not a fair critique), and am kind of done with that whole self-indulgent feeling bad stuff. So right about now I'm in the place where I shrug and keep moving. I'm thinking about my friends, even if I am not spending time with them, and I will find time for them again.

So, as I move into my 10th hour at work today (2 more to go!), I am staring out at the rain and wondering which of the projects I am juggling is in the most need of my help at the moment. Don't turn your back on projects - and don't feed them after midnight. And all I really want to do is knit. My tangled yoke cardigan is in the car and I technically have an hour before I need to go to my next meeting....and I didn't really take a lunch.....what do you think?

That's what I thought. Bad influences, the lot of you!

Alright, break time is over, back to the grind. I'm hoping everyone is a little less busy than I am right now. If so, knit a row for me - have a cup of tea, or read some of that book you've been enjoying. I'll see you soon if I'm lucky. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm famous (on the internt)(Sort of)

So, since I never take a lunch hour, and often work at night and on weekends, I've decided that I get to reclaim a little of that time during the day - not a lot - but possibly the 1 of the 2 15 minute breaks that workers here in CA are supposed to have. I promise not to get too carried away and actually use my lunch hour (at least not until I can make one of those knit-lunches that the knitting group at my work has and that I have yet to attend). So, here is my re-claimed time - I'm going to blog every now and then.

So, here are your fantastic updates for today's blog (and someday I'll even post my Dubai pictures from Feb.....once I find my camera again):

Podiversary! My podcast, Brass Needles, turned 1 on April 12th. happy brithday to my podcast! (which, incidentally, you can find at

I'm making modeling appearances on Etsy for my amazing friend Rachel's Steampunk Corset Busk Covers:
Who knew that steampunk could be so sexy?

What else?

The boyfriend had surgery just over two weeks ago - and has rocked out so hard on Physical Therapy that he is now green to hit the treadmill in a week. Life progressess.....I'm slowly losing weight myself - well, not so much on the scale, but the clothes I grew out of are starting to fit again slowly but surely. I may have to give up my bikini plans for the summer, but that's never really been a surprise. :)

Oh, and have I mentioned that I began weaving? There's been a lot of talk on the interwebs, especially in crafty communities, about this whole becoming-an-expert thing of dedicating 10 Thousand Hours to something -anything, really, to master it. While that's attractive and I am a bit of a joiner (ahem cough cough, 52 pair plunge, anyone?) I am going to say no to dedicating my 10 thou to weaving. I think I am going to work on becoming an expert at the things I like and value at the moment and not stress about marking down every hour I spend.

Hopefully there will be pictures soon of my 1st weaving project on the loom. I'm a good 6 inches in since Sunday and feel like a rockstar.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why Juicing is bad

So, some people have problems for which they have to take medication - and some of those medications are easy on the body and some are hard.

Personally, I generally live my life with as little medication as possible. However, due to unknown allergy x, I recently broke out in a random face-rash thingy and got some puffy eye-lids. The eye-lids are my standard reaction to unknown allergen x, the rash was new. The dr. and I talked about what could be up, and then parted ways after agreeing neither of us wanted me to have to take steroids and deciding to find some other option.

Later that day I took the first dose of steroids. Now, these aren't the steroids of professional atheletes or after-school specials - these are a different type. It doesn't really qualifty as juicing, although I worked out extra this week just in case it would provide me huge muscles. No such luck. - - - what I was provided with were other symptoms. I was warned, but I didn't really believe it. Apparently taking these things can throw your body into acting like it's a special time when you LOSE YOUR MIND AND WANT SALT SALT SALT FAT AND SUGAR NOW OMG NOW.

The result: I've been really careful with my nutritional intake as part of my whole clean-living desire this year, but that could not override my need to dip pizza in nacho cheese tonight. And then I ate some big chocolatey desert that would normally not appeal to me in the least. Now I'm about to indulge in another thing full of sugar. And my body is absolutely in heaven. I can only hope that this goes away as the doses get smaller and that I eventually get my body back. It is good to just give in to these cravings, I think - as my body was feeling icky and blah for the past two days of me fighting the cravings and now feels amazing. I honestly think I could go run a marathon right long as there was a caramello at the end of it.

So, juicing is bad......................... Now where was that candy?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, Here is a picture I almost broke my neck taking. Sorry for the blurry-ness. This is the Salwa that my mom purchased for me when she was in India. I brought it with me and had the arms made a little larger so it fit. While I don't find this style of clothing particularly flattering on my shape - it is very comfortable and quite beautiful.

This picture is of the roof of the tailor shop. There are really neat light fixtures like this in many places in India, even a tiny little tailor's shop that's hidden in the recesses of a building. :)

Ah, additional sightseeing pictures from Sunday 1/31/09. This is the lovely Nizam's palace (1 of many, I'm told). All you get are outside shots as they did not allow photography inside.
These pictures are deceptive. There were several buildings for the palace, with a few nice courtyard's between, some with gazeebos and fountains.

Another part of the palace. Sadly, I tried to take some pictures of the vintage cars that were on display, but they were behind glass and poorly lit. Be aware, I saw a Rolls that was 100 years old, and some even older luxury cars. AMAZING. If you visit Hyderabad (Cyberbad), I very much suggest you visit this palace. It is wonderfully kept up and there are absolutely fabulous pictures of the family through the years. Including a very beautiful woman who looks like an actress, which was very reminiscent of Evita, for me.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sight-seeing: TOMBS

After Golconda Fort, we went to the Tombs. There are several, this is only one.

For obvious reasons, I didn't really want to take pictures inside.

This is a close-up of the outside. Look at how gorgeous the carving is! On some of the other tombs, there were pictures hidden in the carvings - mostly animals, but sometimes shoes.

Here is the tomb from a little farther away - the people walking up to it should give perspective to just how large a building it is.

The same tomb from even farther away. The domes used to be colored in blue or green, they told us. Unfortunately, after a few hundred years it didn't hold up.

And then, Natalie wanted some coffee. We asked our host to take us to a place where she could get a cup. Instead, he took us to a place, went in, and returned with a ceramic mug and saucer. per Natalie, it was fabulous coffee (to me it tasted like a mocha). No, we did not get to take the mug and saucer with us, we had to give them back. But it was our first coffee borrowed from a restaurant to have in the car moment.

Sight Seeing: Golconda Fort

On Saturday, we mostly shopped, hence the picture of Charminar, which is in the middle of a huge shopping area. But on Sunday we went to Golconda Fort and marched around it's battlements. Golconda has a really awesome history - they used physics to do things like move water up into the high areas of the fort and they used accousitcs to make things like whispering walls and an area where you can clap and it can be hears in the highest battlement far above and way. Simply amazing to experience. Here are a few of the shots:

This is the view down on the fort from high up in the fort. We walked all of that to get up to where this picture was taken.

This is the view from the ground level up one of the walls. The camera is at my eye height and pointed up, so you can see that this was a very tall wall, indeed.

The view from one of the lower battlements to one of the higher battlements as we walked the stairs and halls.

One of the halls - restricted entry, but beautiful nonetheless.

And a very welcoming bit of graffiti!

Sight-seeing: CHARMINAR

So, it was almost impossible to get a good picture of the charminar due to how big and ornate it is. I couldn't seem to capture both. So, here are a few shots to give some perspective.

Charminar - one of the towers

Charminar from the bottom:

Charminar from farther away:

And also, at a co-workers's house, I got to play on a 200 year old piano!!! My inner music geek was thrilled. The piano was out of tune, but still a treat.

(Blurry) Dinner out with the team.

Not naming names because I haven't received permission to include people's names in the blog - but here are a few shots from our team dinner. First off, we were on the 2nd floor, on a tent-ish parlour.

Behind us in this shot you can see the trees on the lakefront. There were no windows, and the wall just stopped and the rest was open. Truly a unique experience.

I figured this was so blurry it didn't matter how many co-workers ended up in the shot, since you can't tell who they are. (I know, but then, I actually work with these people). This is the same restaurant, where you first enter, by the stairs. Our tables are in front of us (thus, not shown in the picture). Note the fancy spa-ish atmosphere.

This is the other side of our table from the open sky - the wall. Fancy pictures on the wall.....

The restaurant is called 1865 and I recommend the "Chicken 65" - which is not unique to this menu, but on the menu at several places I've been in India.

The HYD office

Below are a few pictures of the office. None with company information because I don't feel comfortable posting my workplace everywhere online and because I don't intend to be speaking for my company in this blog.

Lights around the planters outside at night! Very pretty :)

Some of the snackies available

The gorgeous entryway decorated with sand because of Republic day when we arrived on 1/26

More of the lovely sand art. The floating flowers are a permanent feature, though, and appear to be changed daily. It is a lovely touch

And here I am in my favorite outdoor feature of them all, the swinging chair! I desperately want one of my own. They are great for lounging and are very comfortable. Plus, they SWING! I have noticed an abundance of swinging seats and benches since being here. The Indians totally have the right idea. I almost bought one before I realized how hard it would be to get it on the plane and home in one piece.

Dubai Airport pictures

In case you were wondering, yes the DUBAI airport is lovely.
Generally, it's just like any other airport I've seen except for one important thing:

TREES AND PONDS! (Evidence below)
Yes, the Dubai airport has living plants, even trees inside it and even has water feature with a pond and Koi fish (yes, I am aware I can't spell). Isn't it pretty?

Another picture of that lovely little oaisis in the airport.
The middle? That's all water gently flowing toward us!

Oh, and here are those pesky socks again, sitting on the chair next to me.
Snoopy - you have well-traveled socks (perhaps even multi-lingual!)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Finally got some pictures!

Alright. So, as of last post, I had no pictures because I had no camera cord. Well, one of my nice Indian co-workers lent me one today. So, let's have a few pictures from the India trip, shall we?

So, here a few of Natalie and I on our way over:

In the beginning, there were size 16 socks for Snoopy.....

Then there were Karl Urban and Chris Pine (of COURSE I watched Star Trek when I saw it was playing)

Then there was rough time when the Malaria pills made me very sick and nothing happened for an hour or two.

Then there were even longer size 16 socks for Snoopy

And then there was a bloody Mary

And then Erin and Nat lived happily ever after working in India (Ok, secretly, we had about 6 more hours of that flight left, a bit of troubled sleep, a layover in Dubai, and then another flight.....but who's counting?)

And let's have a few of my apartment here in Hyderabad (which I've got stamped in my passport as Cyberabad):

Here is the kitchen (picture taken from Dining Room)

Here is the Dining Room and part of the Lving Room. Please note, there in the corner is a hanging bench which is not in the picture, but on which I am spending most of my not-sleeping time in the apartment. The Internet doesn't work so well upstairs in my bedroom, so if you talk to me online from home and not work, then that bench is where I am.

Here is a veiw from the bench of the way upstairs (the stairs and the entire floor are all stone and gorgeous)

Here is the upstairs lounge. We have a big communal balcony on every floor, a private balcony in each room, and a private bathroom in each room.

This is my room. It was the most beautiful sight after being in transit for 30 hours (that's WITHOUT the time difference)

More pictures as I get time to upload them!