Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why Juicing is bad

So, some people have problems for which they have to take medication - and some of those medications are easy on the body and some are hard.

Personally, I generally live my life with as little medication as possible. However, due to unknown allergy x, I recently broke out in a random face-rash thingy and got some puffy eye-lids. The eye-lids are my standard reaction to unknown allergen x, the rash was new. The dr. and I talked about what could be up, and then parted ways after agreeing neither of us wanted me to have to take steroids and deciding to find some other option.

Later that day I took the first dose of steroids. Now, these aren't the steroids of professional atheletes or after-school specials - these are a different type. It doesn't really qualifty as juicing, although I worked out extra this week just in case it would provide me huge muscles. No such luck. - - - what I was provided with were other symptoms. I was warned, but I didn't really believe it. Apparently taking these things can throw your body into acting like it's a special time when you LOSE YOUR MIND AND WANT SALT SALT SALT FAT AND SUGAR NOW OMG NOW.

The result: I've been really careful with my nutritional intake as part of my whole clean-living desire this year, but that could not override my need to dip pizza in nacho cheese tonight. And then I ate some big chocolatey desert that would normally not appeal to me in the least. Now I'm about to indulge in another thing full of sugar. And my body is absolutely in heaven. I can only hope that this goes away as the doses get smaller and that I eventually get my body back. It is good to just give in to these cravings, I think - as my body was feeling icky and blah for the past two days of me fighting the cravings and now feels amazing. I honestly think I could go run a marathon right long as there was a caramello at the end of it.

So, juicing is bad......................... Now where was that candy?

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busyHSmom said...

ROFL! I read the title to this post and thought you were going to tell me to stop drinking green smoothies, carrot juice, etc.

Sorry to read of your allergic reaction and the need for steroids. Just keep working out to counteract those pizza and chocolate cravings.

Hmmm...I wonder, do the steroids affect your knitting performance?? Good thing this happened AFTER the Ravelympics where performance enhancing drugs might be frowned upon ;-P