Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How I survived a busy week at work....or did I?

Well, superfriends, those of you who know me in the flesh, listen to the podcast (, or are really perceptive will know that I have had a rough time at work lately - this is week two of what I am affectionately calling "OHMYGODOHMYGODAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!111-11111111111!!!!" (tm)

Long story short - it's just busy at work, as it tends to be when things change and people have lives and etc. etc. and so forth. Nothing to be done but throw my back into it and press on.

What does this mean to you? Unless you are my boyfriend, my kitty, or Jasmin, probably nothing. If you are, then it means I've been working long hours and being pretty darn unavailable. I've spent time in the past feeling sorry for myself that I'm not a better friend (I would also add not a better girlfriend, but I have to admit that I am possibly the best girlfriend ever, so it's not a fair critique), and am kind of done with that whole self-indulgent feeling bad stuff. So right about now I'm in the place where I shrug and keep moving. I'm thinking about my friends, even if I am not spending time with them, and I will find time for them again.

So, as I move into my 10th hour at work today (2 more to go!), I am staring out at the rain and wondering which of the projects I am juggling is in the most need of my help at the moment. Don't turn your back on projects - and don't feed them after midnight. And all I really want to do is knit. My tangled yoke cardigan is in the car and I technically have an hour before I need to go to my next meeting....and I didn't really take a lunch.....what do you think?

That's what I thought. Bad influences, the lot of you!

Alright, break time is over, back to the grind. I'm hoping everyone is a little less busy than I am right now. If so, knit a row for me - have a cup of tea, or read some of that book you've been enjoying. I'll see you soon if I'm lucky. :)

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Jasmin said...

Don't even stress. I'm hitting hour 12 1/2 myself. :)

<3 your BFF