Thursday, November 18, 2010


Alright, a lot of people in the writing world are doing NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) in November. A lot of knitter's have adopted this idea and decided to do something called NaKnitSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month). Because I am a follower and am not a follower, I ended up doing my own sort of challenge: NaKniSoMo - National Knit Socks Month. What am I knitting? Well......remember the original Sasquatch Socks? Sure you do! They were for my friend Snoopy with the size 14 feet. And, oh yeah, they took forever! For pictures, see my posts in Feb or March (I think). I knit those socks during most of my trip in India and Dubai because, yes, they really did take that long! 

But Because I am a nice friend and Snoopy is a really great person (and because he seems to be wearing his socks all the time), I decided it was time for me to make him another pair. Thus, I present to you: 

Sasquatch Socks Part 2, Return of the Sasquatch Socks!

Those of you who listen to the podcast have already heard about these and their predecessors. And, of course, because I am always into the whole launch and iterate evolution of projects, these socks have a a few extra bells and whistles:

1. Extra 8 stitches at cuff for each - gusseted down the leg for extra breathability on the calf
2. 12+ inch long leg
3. 3+ inch heel flap
4. Purl side slip-stich heel flap for durability
5. Extra roomy heel gussets
6. Ribbed top of foot for great fit and comfort (ok, the first pair also had this, I admit)

The one drawback - I always have a hard time finishing socks without the person around to measure the foot on. So, while I think I will finish these in the month of November (which is amazing since I think they are larger than knee socks for my own more-than-ample feet), I cannot guarantee that they won't be just a touch too long in the foot. Ah well, Snoopy, I tried!

What? Where are the pictures??

Alright, alright, since I know looking at something come together over time is fun, here is the progression so far..........

The beginning couple of inches (that's right, magic loop, baby!)

Then more inches (those are size 9 feet in big chunky boots for comparison purposes)

Here they are on my work desk last week, measured against my full size nalgene water bottle and a Dicken's Fair door hanger. It's only fitting since they were knitting a fair deal during rehearsal downtimes and workshops for that fair.

Here they are stretched across the passenger seat in the car. Yes, that is a heel you see in the distance!
This was earlier this week.

TRAGEDY!! Why is there a knot in the middle of my ball of yarn?!

And this morning's shot . Here is the specimen in the wild. If these were knee socks for me, that amount of foot would be just right. However, the foot is less than half-way done. But I do have almost 2 more weeks left. Even with Thanksgiving and Dicken's Fair, I think I can make it.....just don't ask why my house isn't fully unpacked yet, k?

And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday morning as I realize I'm out of break time and need to get back to work!

~ Miss K