Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catch-up Post - January, Finishuary, and early March

 So, here I am, and it's almost 3 months into the year, and no significant blogging. How sad is that? I really need to work on leading that life of luxury I planned on as a child. This whole working-for-a-living thing isn't so good for getting shit done.  

Ah well, it was a nice thought.

I'm finally getting back into a more regular podcasting schedule. With the wedding and everything else that was going on last year, I fell out of my usual routine. It's nice to be getting back to it. However -  I do have a little bit of a bone to pick with those people who told me how amazing garageband is. You see, I bought a Macbook Air (the smaller size) for Christmas. It was my hope that moving to a more media-friendly machine would up my game and make my podcast a smidge better. 

Instead - I was faced with a highly counter-intuitive program which is still plaguing me at least 5 podcasts later. I managed to cut out the evil echo that my listeners were being terrorized with. And I even managed to figure out how to add music. In the last recording session, I figured out how to control track volume for the music. But editing overall in garageband is still a mystery to me. I'm not pround of this, but I was so frustrated with the program last episode that I googled "garageband sucks" just to vent some anger. And you know what? MULTIPLE SITES popped up, which not only made me feel vindicated, but also reassured me that I'm not a total moron. I may still be a bit of a troglodyte when it comes to all things tech, but at least I figured out how to do the very basics that will allow me to publish a decent podcast. 

What else? Oh yes, I'm leaving for India in a few days. This time I only have to go for a week, which will almost be fun. Almost. No business trip where you work +12 hours a day is actually fun, but it does beat being stuck there for 3 weeks like I was before my wedding. Given that, I can't really complain. Well, I can complain about being stuck on planes for more or less a full day - and being stuck in economy class at that - but that's relatively small. Besides, it gives me a chance to knit more socks! I already have the yarn and needles for a new pair of sasquatch socks. Thankfully, a 24 hour trip each way won't be quite enough for me to knit a full pair of those. Remember when I went to India last time and knit myself an entire pair of socks just on the flight there? These will have more knitting time needed than that.

Of course, I know this begs the question - what if my needles get taken away? Well, last time I managed to keep them on all my flights. The time before I did have them taken away on my trip from Dubai to US (God, that was a nightmare without knitting). This time, I'm back on the 1st Airline, so there is a risk. However, I'm taking wooden circulars and I've packed some great leftovers from two sweaters I made last year to make a new Daybreak into my checked luggage so I'll have something to do in the evenings once I hit India.

What else can I say? I'm planning as best I can. I just wish there was some other craft I could take.

But enough about that, where am I with my knitting?

As far as I can remember, I have completed:
  • 1 pair of socks in January for me (purple, blue, and white colorway)
  • 1 Sweater in February for me.
  • 2 pairs of socks in March for a friend of a friend
  • 1 Pair of socks in March for Lorien (not featured)
Total this year:
5 completed projects
Selfish ratio: 2/5
Mending: 2 pairs of socks for me, 1 pair of sasquatch socks

 Arianne sweater - front (no collar)

Arianne sweater back (no collar)

Ariann sweater inside button band
 Ariann sweater, button!