Monday, January 09, 2012

Playing Catch Up in 2012

Well, would you believe that my BFF had a baby? Early, no less! And to top it all off, I'm barely catching my breath after the whirlwind of getting married, going on honeymoon, taking more work, and doing Dicken's Fair.

First off, to make sure that everyone is happy, here is a picture of the Christmas Wheel:

And one cool thing that I thought I'd lost, but which finally showed back up! It's a doiley for your head. I wear it during faire. It doesn't make up for the handknit Ribbi Cardi that was lost/swiped at fair this year... but it's a good start!

Oh, and be proud of this! Look at the stash closet! Look at it's reorganized glory. The goal is to either find more storage space, or to use so much stash that it all fits in this closet.

This is the shawl I've been working on. Doesn't look like much right now, does it?

And then there's my glorious first re-entry to sewing project.  It's a baby blanket for Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls Podcast, also known as my BFF. Jasmin loves rainbows and the color orange. There's a lot this girl loves. Well, I wanted to make something she could love. Yes, it's for the baby technically, but Jasmin is the one who is going to have to see it all the time.

Here's a close-up of the batik-style fabric:

And here's the back (the threads are embroidery floss used to hold the layers together. There are 8 pieces, 4 orange, 4 black.

And here are the socks in progress at the moment. This is the second pair in this colorway. The first pair was given to my friend Nessa for her birthday. This pair is for me.

Here's the handspun leftovers blanket. Growing nicely, isn't it? It's kind of square now. I need to knit more handspun so i can see more growth on it. Lumpy, made from different weights, etc. - but I love it.

And here's a random upsidedown picture of the sweater that I started......It's a lovely teal. One of these days I'll even have time to work on it---- maybe after I get time to work on the shawl. :)

And this has been your catch-up post. Hopefully I can swipe a couple of wedding pictures and some honeymoon shots for you soon.