Monday, June 08, 2009

The Lucha Statue!

And here we see what happens when I have an old gauge swatch, some loose yarn on a needle, and my boss' unattended statue. This statue - usually of a resolute old man with long beard (still visible under the luchador mask) - stays facing out the window of my boss' 6th floor window. It's job was to bring in business. Now - it's job is to bring the smack-down! Because, when you're going to be out of work in three months, why not mess with your boss just a little?

I stole the statue while the boss was at a meeting. I sewed the gauge swatch to the statue at my desk, then walked it around showing my team-mates. Then I snuck it back in his office. But then I realized that I didn't have a picture - so I went and borrowed a camera from the IT guy, re-stole the statue, and ran to the mail room so I could take more pictures - dodging the boss when I ran into him, holding the statue behind my back and distracting him with political talk. Then I re-replaced the statue, returned the camera, and waited at my desk for the boss to notice, giggling to myself at my own cleverness. (yeah, I'm a dork)

Proof that it was a good decision?
1. I'm still employed
2. He left it on the statue

Rock on!!

~ miss k

Saturday, June 06, 2009

In this post we see the Borg Beanie in it's initial stages. First, the borg beanie during creation (during fabrication?). Next, we see a pictures of the Borg Queen. According to my scribbling, she is both gooey and scary. I still maintain this view.

in this doodle, we see me designing the borg beanie. The doodles are me deciding what hardware and knitting need to be where, and also rough sketches of a really happy little cartoon person wearing the completed beanie.

Spinning at a winery is a-ok by me!

Why hello!

I just got back from Livermore, at the Retslaff (sp?) Winery. It was a spinning event with a potluck lunch and wine tasting available for $5. Wine and spinning do mix! Who knew? However, drinking and buying don't mix, so I made my meager purchases before I did the wine tasting. I am smart! I did purchase 1 fleece in a medium gray, but I dropped it off for processing, so I won't get it back for a few months. I am going to end up with parts of a dark blackish-brown and a white as well. Those, Jasmin and I will settle up over later, when they are back.

What else? Sleepy, happy, working on my cabletini socks for the knit along on the brass needles podcast.