Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spinning at a winery is a-ok by me!

Why hello!

I just got back from Livermore, at the Retslaff (sp?) Winery. It was a spinning event with a potluck lunch and wine tasting available for $5. Wine and spinning do mix! Who knew? However, drinking and buying don't mix, so I made my meager purchases before I did the wine tasting. I am smart! I did purchase 1 fleece in a medium gray, but I dropped it off for processing, so I won't get it back for a few months. I am going to end up with parts of a dark blackish-brown and a white as well. Those, Jasmin and I will settle up over later, when they are back.

What else? Sleepy, happy, working on my cabletini socks for the knit along on the brass needles podcast.

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