Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok, so i don't have any of the pictures in yet - and I forgot my camera, so it might be a while until I can track some down, but we just finished baycon 2009. baycon was again a very fun convention, sort of light on the panels this year, with two of the main big names (the only ones I recognized except Peter Beagle - and I know I just misspelled that) cancelling last minute due to illness. However, as I don't attend for the panels (which is, to my mind, like saying that you read playboy for the articles, it might be true, but no one believes you), I wasn't upset. I did, however, make it to my first panel ever at a baycon - and it was on podcasting. And, as I feared they might, they poked a little fun at the fact that I was a knitting podcaster. Although, I will point out that one of the panelists enjoys BOARDGAMING podcasts. Ahem. And they think knitting podcasts are lame? We'll just leave that one alone, shall we?

What else? Many parties, I made friends with the Klingons again (so goes my tradition), and even got my copy of The Unincorporated Man signed by the authors! yay! I helped JD Sawyer of the Polyschizmatic Reprobrates Hour (say that 5 times fast) podcast do a team interview of the writers. Hopefully I'll get some of that from Dan soon to put on my own podcast.

in other news, have great plans to design a borg beanie (don't ask - well, go listen to the podcast for explanation). Not going smashingly yet as I keep not being sure where I want it to fit on the back of the head, and worrying whether or not I can get away with enclosing an entire eye for the lazer. Desicions, decisions!

Oh! And I received a Hall Costume Award at Baycon for - wait for it - originality in Knitted Steampunk accessories. Hilarious and wonderful!

Pictures when i get some!

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