Friday, April 23, 2010

STOP! Update time

(you know, as in Hammer time? Oh forget it, I was a child in the 80s and 90s, I can't be held responsible for my references)

Whoa?! Another post in the same week? I am unstoppable! Amazing! Brilliant!.......or just having a really hard time focusing this afternoon after being up to all hours working most nights this week and concentrating so hard this morning at work that my brain tried to leak out my ears. Either way.

I have been informed that my new Ribby Cardi, which had gone to visit Aunti Jasmin of the Better Than Yarn Blog, is now being held hostage after Ms. Gigi so thoughtfully put in the zipper for me. Hostage! As in, I can't have it back unless I go visit....which I'm pretty much ok with, I mean my little doggie neice and nephew live there. And I need to get my Elphie skritches in to feel right. I'm hoping I'll be able to show said Ribby Cardi to you in the near future. Man, I need to find my camera. It's true that I am looking to upgrade and get a new camera altogether, but right now I would be willing to settle for finding the old one and getting my dubai pictures off of it and up on here.

What else? Well, not much except that I have been working a lot. I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend where I get a chance to go to the plant nursery, garden a little, and then knit and spin to my little evil black shriveled heart's content. What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How I survived a busy week at work....or did I?

Well, superfriends, those of you who know me in the flesh, listen to the podcast (, or are really perceptive will know that I have had a rough time at work lately - this is week two of what I am affectionately calling "OHMYGODOHMYGODAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!111-11111111111!!!!" (tm)

Long story short - it's just busy at work, as it tends to be when things change and people have lives and etc. etc. and so forth. Nothing to be done but throw my back into it and press on.

What does this mean to you? Unless you are my boyfriend, my kitty, or Jasmin, probably nothing. If you are, then it means I've been working long hours and being pretty darn unavailable. I've spent time in the past feeling sorry for myself that I'm not a better friend (I would also add not a better girlfriend, but I have to admit that I am possibly the best girlfriend ever, so it's not a fair critique), and am kind of done with that whole self-indulgent feeling bad stuff. So right about now I'm in the place where I shrug and keep moving. I'm thinking about my friends, even if I am not spending time with them, and I will find time for them again.

So, as I move into my 10th hour at work today (2 more to go!), I am staring out at the rain and wondering which of the projects I am juggling is in the most need of my help at the moment. Don't turn your back on projects - and don't feed them after midnight. And all I really want to do is knit. My tangled yoke cardigan is in the car and I technically have an hour before I need to go to my next meeting....and I didn't really take a lunch.....what do you think?

That's what I thought. Bad influences, the lot of you!

Alright, break time is over, back to the grind. I'm hoping everyone is a little less busy than I am right now. If so, knit a row for me - have a cup of tea, or read some of that book you've been enjoying. I'll see you soon if I'm lucky. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm famous (on the internt)(Sort of)

So, since I never take a lunch hour, and often work at night and on weekends, I've decided that I get to reclaim a little of that time during the day - not a lot - but possibly the 1 of the 2 15 minute breaks that workers here in CA are supposed to have. I promise not to get too carried away and actually use my lunch hour (at least not until I can make one of those knit-lunches that the knitting group at my work has and that I have yet to attend). So, here is my re-claimed time - I'm going to blog every now and then.

So, here are your fantastic updates for today's blog (and someday I'll even post my Dubai pictures from Feb.....once I find my camera again):

Podiversary! My podcast, Brass Needles, turned 1 on April 12th. happy brithday to my podcast! (which, incidentally, you can find at

I'm making modeling appearances on Etsy for my amazing friend Rachel's Steampunk Corset Busk Covers:
Who knew that steampunk could be so sexy?

What else?

The boyfriend had surgery just over two weeks ago - and has rocked out so hard on Physical Therapy that he is now green to hit the treadmill in a week. Life progressess.....I'm slowly losing weight myself - well, not so much on the scale, but the clothes I grew out of are starting to fit again slowly but surely. I may have to give up my bikini plans for the summer, but that's never really been a surprise. :)

Oh, and have I mentioned that I began weaving? There's been a lot of talk on the interwebs, especially in crafty communities, about this whole becoming-an-expert thing of dedicating 10 Thousand Hours to something -anything, really, to master it. While that's attractive and I am a bit of a joiner (ahem cough cough, 52 pair plunge, anyone?) I am going to say no to dedicating my 10 thou to weaving. I think I am going to work on becoming an expert at the things I like and value at the moment and not stress about marking down every hour I spend.

Hopefully there will be pictures soon of my 1st weaving project on the loom. I'm a good 6 inches in since Sunday and feel like a rockstar.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why Juicing is bad

So, some people have problems for which they have to take medication - and some of those medications are easy on the body and some are hard.

Personally, I generally live my life with as little medication as possible. However, due to unknown allergy x, I recently broke out in a random face-rash thingy and got some puffy eye-lids. The eye-lids are my standard reaction to unknown allergen x, the rash was new. The dr. and I talked about what could be up, and then parted ways after agreeing neither of us wanted me to have to take steroids and deciding to find some other option.

Later that day I took the first dose of steroids. Now, these aren't the steroids of professional atheletes or after-school specials - these are a different type. It doesn't really qualifty as juicing, although I worked out extra this week just in case it would provide me huge muscles. No such luck. - - - what I was provided with were other symptoms. I was warned, but I didn't really believe it. Apparently taking these things can throw your body into acting like it's a special time when you LOSE YOUR MIND AND WANT SALT SALT SALT FAT AND SUGAR NOW OMG NOW.

The result: I've been really careful with my nutritional intake as part of my whole clean-living desire this year, but that could not override my need to dip pizza in nacho cheese tonight. And then I ate some big chocolatey desert that would normally not appeal to me in the least. Now I'm about to indulge in another thing full of sugar. And my body is absolutely in heaven. I can only hope that this goes away as the doses get smaller and that I eventually get my body back. It is good to just give in to these cravings, I think - as my body was feeling icky and blah for the past two days of me fighting the cravings and now feels amazing. I honestly think I could go run a marathon right long as there was a caramello at the end of it.

So, juicing is bad......................... Now where was that candy?