Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm famous (on the internt)(Sort of)

So, since I never take a lunch hour, and often work at night and on weekends, I've decided that I get to reclaim a little of that time during the day - not a lot - but possibly the 1 of the 2 15 minute breaks that workers here in CA are supposed to have. I promise not to get too carried away and actually use my lunch hour (at least not until I can make one of those knit-lunches that the knitting group at my work has and that I have yet to attend). So, here is my re-claimed time - I'm going to blog every now and then.

So, here are your fantastic updates for today's blog (and someday I'll even post my Dubai pictures from Feb.....once I find my camera again):

Podiversary! My podcast, Brass Needles, turned 1 on April 12th. happy brithday to my podcast! (which, incidentally, you can find at

I'm making modeling appearances on Etsy for my amazing friend Rachel's Steampunk Corset Busk Covers:
Who knew that steampunk could be so sexy?

What else?

The boyfriend had surgery just over two weeks ago - and has rocked out so hard on Physical Therapy that he is now green to hit the treadmill in a week. Life progressess.....I'm slowly losing weight myself - well, not so much on the scale, but the clothes I grew out of are starting to fit again slowly but surely. I may have to give up my bikini plans for the summer, but that's never really been a surprise. :)

Oh, and have I mentioned that I began weaving? There's been a lot of talk on the interwebs, especially in crafty communities, about this whole becoming-an-expert thing of dedicating 10 Thousand Hours to something -anything, really, to master it. While that's attractive and I am a bit of a joiner (ahem cough cough, 52 pair plunge, anyone?) I am going to say no to dedicating my 10 thou to weaving. I think I am going to work on becoming an expert at the things I like and value at the moment and not stress about marking down every hour I spend.

Hopefully there will be pictures soon of my 1st weaving project on the loom. I'm a good 6 inches in since Sunday and feel like a rockstar.

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