Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And lastly, Sylvia in the drop-stitch scarf I made from Target yarn. It is my $1:50 scarf (because I used 1.5 skeins of yarn that I bought for $1 each). She was very gracious to let me take a picture of her in it.....most people won't. Posted by Picasa

Another pair of socks for a friend. I love socks!!! Posted by Picasa

Detail on my cabled afghan. It came out pretty nice, except for the stripes where the yarn was not exactly the same color.... Posted by Picasa

Self-designed cabled afghan spread out Posted by Picasa

Made an doormat out of plastic bags. I hate knitting with plastic bags. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dani and Micha came to Knitting club. Here's a picture of Me and My Dani. Dani featured in purple, your heroine in classic Black Posted by Picasa

Because I never really put up pictures of myself..... Here I am at Knitting Club Posted by Picasa

FLASH YOYR STASH!!! From cheap acryllics to my prize $25 skeins, to hand spun specialites friends have gifted me with, here is my stash, in it's dwindling glory. And way in the back there, is my new Sandes (I can never spell that) varigated grey and white mohair that I picked up with visions of a cabled, lace wrap....if I could only find the right pattern...... Posted by Picasa

Test: Kitty Sweater for my co-worker. Once this one comes back as a yea or a nay, I can get busy doing the sweaters she requested for her 7 CATS. 7 CATS!!! Self-designed...added great accent by using Knitting Over the Edge by N. Epstein. One of the best books in the world, in my opinion. Posted by Picasa