Thursday, November 29, 2012

No pictures today!

Sorry, muffins, but no pictures today. I realized that this blog had fallen a little by the wayside while I was so busy with work and travel and work and travel.....and I wanted to update many times, but I didn't. And that sucks. So today I'm ripping it off like a band-aid.

So, good. Continues to not suck. There have been some really neat things that have happened since last we spoke. Things have been knit. Things have been spun. Something was woven. I still have my job...I've been to India (and Las Vegas) for work, and am back in one piece. I've worked out. I've been bad about working out. I've gotten back on the wagon. I knit a pair of socks..I lost a sock before I gave it to the recipient...I lost a corset...I lost some sleep.

Oh, and I saw a movie from a long time ago called Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I'd recommend it. Even more, I'd recommend it's central message  - be excellent to each other (at least this is what I took from it). Especially in this season when people are angry at each other about traffic, election results, religious (and non) holidays, and you name it. Whenever I see people being good or - "excellent" to each other I get teary. This is my favorite time of the year, just because of that.

I promise more knit/spin/weaving pron pics soon! But for now, I just had to make sure that I don't let this go dormant!