Monday, September 26, 2005

And here is the Husband of the Cute Blonde featured in the very bottom of this blog in the things I knit for her. Both of our sweeties work at the Ren Faire, so we went on Sunday to see them. (and yes, he is wearing a KILT!!!! - just look at those legs!) Posted by Picasa

Why is it that Courderoy Period Clothing always makes me look short and round? Here's me in my poofy Rennaisance Garb this weekend - hand-sewn by myself. I was even wearing hand knit wool knee-socks. ( Why I chose to do this on a warm day in CA, I'll never remember). Posted by Picasa

A few recent purchases......this yarn is so beautiful that I couldn't resist. I'm not a turquoise or khaki or cream sort of girl, but for some reason this yarn spoke to me. What should I make with it? I am open to suggestions!!! I am the sort of person who likes to look at unknit yarn because it is just pretty.....I bought this with no ideas in mind - I just fell in love with it Posted by Picasa

More recent purchases Posted by Picasa

And yet more recent purchases Posted by Picasa

STASHBUSTER BLANKET IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Yet another angle Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stash Buster Blanket should have been finished but looking at it....the executive decision is made to do borders..... Posted by Picasa

All finished squares layed out for a rough preview Posted by Picasa

Finally I decide I need to actually write up a design. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

All Yarn from the stash! Stashbuster Blanket in progress! Posted by Picasa

Here's my kitty asleep all wrapped up in blankets. Posted by Picasa