Monday, September 26, 2005

And here is the Husband of the Cute Blonde featured in the very bottom of this blog in the things I knit for her. Both of our sweeties work at the Ren Faire, so we went on Sunday to see them. (and yes, he is wearing a KILT!!!! - just look at those legs!) Posted by Picasa


amylovie said...

I think Ren festivals would be so fun to go to. Y'all look so nice in your outfits. All of your yarn looks lovely. Maybe a Clapotis for the handpainted?


Kalendar Girl said...

Ooooooh I haven't even tried a Clapotis, but everyone else seems to be able to make one...I wonder, do I have enough?

I am secretly frightened of drop-stitch things.

alight4u said...

Look, my baby is on your blog....awwww, how cute!