Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, Here is a picture I almost broke my neck taking. Sorry for the blurry-ness. This is the Salwa that my mom purchased for me when she was in India. I brought it with me and had the arms made a little larger so it fit. While I don't find this style of clothing particularly flattering on my shape - it is very comfortable and quite beautiful.

This picture is of the roof of the tailor shop. There are really neat light fixtures like this in many places in India, even a tiny little tailor's shop that's hidden in the recesses of a building. :)

Ah, additional sightseeing pictures from Sunday 1/31/09. This is the lovely Nizam's palace (1 of many, I'm told). All you get are outside shots as they did not allow photography inside.
These pictures are deceptive. There were several buildings for the palace, with a few nice courtyard's between, some with gazeebos and fountains.

Another part of the palace. Sadly, I tried to take some pictures of the vintage cars that were on display, but they were behind glass and poorly lit. Be aware, I saw a Rolls that was 100 years old, and some even older luxury cars. AMAZING. If you visit Hyderabad (Cyberbad), I very much suggest you visit this palace. It is wonderfully kept up and there are absolutely fabulous pictures of the family through the years. Including a very beautiful woman who looks like an actress, which was very reminiscent of Evita, for me.


Shevon said...

I am loving these pictures! So interesting

Julie said...

Hahaha... Amused I'm not the only one who nearly breaks their neck standing on the tub to get mirror photos.

I have a question: when I click on your podcast in iTunes, it will play the podcast but it won't go to the information/about page - it just says "The item you've requested is not available in the US store."

Any ideas why that might be? Or how I could get to the info page?