Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Finally got some pictures!

Alright. So, as of last post, I had no pictures because I had no camera cord. Well, one of my nice Indian co-workers lent me one today. So, let's have a few pictures from the India trip, shall we?

So, here a few of Natalie and I on our way over:

In the beginning, there were size 16 socks for Snoopy.....

Then there were Karl Urban and Chris Pine (of COURSE I watched Star Trek when I saw it was playing)

Then there was rough time when the Malaria pills made me very sick and nothing happened for an hour or two.

Then there were even longer size 16 socks for Snoopy

And then there was a bloody Mary

And then Erin and Nat lived happily ever after working in India (Ok, secretly, we had about 6 more hours of that flight left, a bit of troubled sleep, a layover in Dubai, and then another flight.....but who's counting?)

And let's have a few of my apartment here in Hyderabad (which I've got stamped in my passport as Cyberabad):

Here is the kitchen (picture taken from Dining Room)

Here is the Dining Room and part of the Lving Room. Please note, there in the corner is a hanging bench which is not in the picture, but on which I am spending most of my not-sleeping time in the apartment. The Internet doesn't work so well upstairs in my bedroom, so if you talk to me online from home and not work, then that bench is where I am.

Here is a veiw from the bench of the way upstairs (the stairs and the entire floor are all stone and gorgeous)

Here is the upstairs lounge. We have a big communal balcony on every floor, a private balcony in each room, and a private bathroom in each room.

This is my room. It was the most beautiful sight after being in transit for 30 hours (that's WITHOUT the time difference)

More pictures as I get time to upload them!

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Shevon said...

How cool! The apartment looks awesome.