Thursday, February 04, 2010

The HYD office

Below are a few pictures of the office. None with company information because I don't feel comfortable posting my workplace everywhere online and because I don't intend to be speaking for my company in this blog.

Lights around the planters outside at night! Very pretty :)

Some of the snackies available

The gorgeous entryway decorated with sand because of Republic day when we arrived on 1/26

More of the lovely sand art. The floating flowers are a permanent feature, though, and appear to be changed daily. It is a lovely touch

And here I am in my favorite outdoor feature of them all, the swinging chair! I desperately want one of my own. They are great for lounging and are very comfortable. Plus, they SWING! I have noticed an abundance of swinging seats and benches since being here. The Indians totally have the right idea. I almost bought one before I realized how hard it would be to get it on the plane and home in one piece.

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