Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hello from Hyderabad (India)

For those of you who aren't in "the know" about my life - I work for a big international company - and they have sent me on a business trip to India. There is a lot to say. For one, I've never traveled before and it really is a unique experience to get 1st hand window into another culture. Granted, it might have been easier to travel somewhere a little closer to home (in mileage or in culture), but I don't regret this dicision at all and am pretty darn grateful to my company for giving me this experience (Although the work days could have been a little shorter and a little less packed full of meetings -but hey, you can't have everything)

I wish I could fill this post with the sights, smells, and even food of India - but I can't. I can't even provide you pictures since my camera is sitting full of memories without it's cord and the work computer doesn't have a memory card slot.

What I can do is promise to upload as many as I can once I get home. I'm in India for two weeks (or until the end of this week) and then in Dubai for a few days.

While this post is overall positive, I do have a few not so positive things to report:
- Malarone - Anti Malaria Medicine - It is a terrible thing with a ton of really nasty side effects. I will be happy to get off of it in a couple of weeks.
- Spicy Stomach - the way your stomach feels after eating spicy food for a number of days (provided you like spicy food enough to eat it for a number of days).
- Being stared at - kinda funny at first, and now negligible, but I can imagine it might be really awkward for people who can't get used to it.
- OMG THE DRIVING (enough said)
- Smog - while it makes for lovely sunsets, man have I been coughing my lungs out this past week.
- Homesickness - while almost completely absent from my trip, it hits at the strangest times and is brought on by the oddest things. For example: A song on the radio, but not a Video Chat with the boyfriend.
- Salad - I would probably pay $100 for a fresh green salad right about now. I love the food here, but I grew up eating salad at least once a day as a child and have maintained that habit. It's a sorely missed indulgence.

However, back to the positives - we're going to see a Bollywood movie tomorrow night!!!
And the team here are smart and fun people who I feel very priveledged to have met. I can only hope that their impressions of me have been half so favorable.

Take care everyone. I miss you, but I'll be home in a week with tons of pictures!


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Jasmin said...

Miss you, BFF!