Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sight Seeing: Golconda Fort

On Saturday, we mostly shopped, hence the picture of Charminar, which is in the middle of a huge shopping area. But on Sunday we went to Golconda Fort and marched around it's battlements. Golconda has a really awesome history - they used physics to do things like move water up into the high areas of the fort and they used accousitcs to make things like whispering walls and an area where you can clap and it can be hears in the highest battlement far above and way. Simply amazing to experience. Here are a few of the shots:

This is the view down on the fort from high up in the fort. We walked all of that to get up to where this picture was taken.

This is the view from the ground level up one of the walls. The camera is at my eye height and pointed up, so you can see that this was a very tall wall, indeed.

The view from one of the lower battlements to one of the higher battlements as we walked the stairs and halls.

One of the halls - restricted entry, but beautiful nonetheless.

And a very welcoming bit of graffiti!

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