Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying for a record here!

So, I'm trying something new, which will no-doubt fail, but it is worth trying.

Because I am spending so much time and energy on work these days, I thought it might be nice if I also did something other than work the entire time. And because I usually eat lunch at my desk so I can work extra, I thought a quick blog post might be a good way to break up the monotony of my long afternoons. This, then, is the 2nd of my daily posts. Look! 2 in a row! We'll see how long this lasts......

I finished my Citron (2nd one) yesterday. It turned out nice - and I did an extra tier on it, which made it larger. Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to take a picture of it to post tomorrow. It's in Zauberball - lovely pinks, purples, blacks, and all colors in between. It has not cured my need to get things off my needles. Frankly, at this point I am wondering how many things I need to finish to make that itch go away. So far it's been ripping out a shrug (it was not good), finishing a pair of socks, finishing the knitting on a sweater, the citron, and the aeolian. Oh, and ripping out a sock that had yarn too busy for the pattern. Now I only have a couple things left on the needles: Melon stitch shawl, 2 cowls (one patterned, one not), a pair of socks for Smartest Monkey (the Fiancee Man) , and I think a scarf hiding somewhere....probably in Smartest Monkey's car in case I forget knitting..... oh yeah, and a blanket for the living room that looks like a net and may be abducted into my steam punk costuming.

What I really want: to start a new sweater, DerbyA's derby legwarmers, and a wedding shawl.

I think DerbyA's legwarmers will be the next project I tackle. She's hot and she totally deserves cute legwarmers. Someone restrain me, I'm feeling pom poms coming on......

And that is your daily update the second.
Now back to the salt mines.


sandy l said...

Miss Kalendar,

I am so happy that you are blogging again. Even though we have never met (although I did meet Jasmin and Gigi at the MD Sheep & Wool--7 degrees of separation)I have been thinking about you. Earlier this month, I found steampunk buttons. They are so cool! So I goggled steampunk fabric and discovered spoonflower.com. Just search on "steampunk" and you will find some amazing fabric. Anyway, whenever I hear steampunk or read steampunk, I think of Brass Needles.

Let me know if you would like me to send a picture.

Miss Kalendar said...

You should totally send a picture!

Glad to know that we have friends in common. :) I need to do more Steampunk stuff. Currently it's kind of like my off season since the next Steampunk Con I am working insn't until next year.

sandy l said...


Here's a link for the buttons, although I can buy them cheaper at the knitting store near my mom. Sorry for my rather bizarre post. Sometimes, I can be normal.

I am enjoying your discussion about Star Trek. I enjoyed TNG and DS9, but could never truly warm up to Voyager.