Thursday, September 02, 2010

Messed up - but trying again

Did you see that? Two days and then I forgot! Well, it's not that I really forgot to post, it's just that I kept giving myself work deadlines to meet before I was "allowed" to post. And, when I realized I was going to miss the day posting entirely......well, I was head on a pillow with eyes closed and I determined I was not getting up for a late post. After all, I was tired and who knows what would have come out?

So, today has been good in some ways and not as good in others. I have some substantial re-do work to do for my new boss - not because he's mean or picking on me or anything I can complain about, but because it's not the way he wants it and it's my job to do what my boss needs. If he wants these done another way - then I do them another way. And also, he had some really constructive feed-back, and I could see his points (and I, unfortunately, agreed with him). So more work for me. I usually find redos to be extremely frustrating, but not this time for some reason. Probably because I understand his points and also....maybe I've learned to let go a little. Anything is possible.

I'll probably be working tonight from home.....but I'm not mad. A little annoyed that it is necessary, but I understand that it's necessary, so that's a plus.

But what you want is a house/wedding update, right?
Wedding date still not set. Now I'm rethinking the MONTH. Oh dear
Fiance did not do his part of the guest list
Can't decide on theme until we square away just how big this shindig is going to be
So most plans are on hold.
In house news - I have been looking at the addresses suggested for our Sunday tour by my realtor on a website called So far I like the website, although it's kind of annoying. It is free and I can see pictures - this is what I need. Using that website, I disqualified 2 of the houses we were going to see. That's ok, we have about 10 left. I refuse to pay these prices for a house with a completely outdated kitchen. An old house I will take, an old and ugly kitchen....not for a price so high that I couldn't afford to fix it up!

That's where we are right now.
I'm thinking there may be rockband tonight. I don't think I'll be able to play much with the crew because I should spend some time working (and my throat is really sore). If I do play, I'm calling drums!

And also, have not managed a push-up yet (other than knee pushups), but worked out with 10extra pounds on a vest. I am getting to be one buff chick!

~ Miss K

P.S. Dogsitted the most adorable Yorkie at work today (work allows people to bring in their dogs)


Joanna said...

Hey there, I came across your blog through Gail Carriger's website, and being a huge fan of steampunk, history, knitting, and others, I checked out your podcast. And I have to say it was a very entertaining 24 minutes. :) I really enjoyed it.

And if it helps, I cant do a push up for the life of me. Not a full blown all the way down push up. lol.

Miss Kalendar said...

I don't know why I'm obsessed with push-ups....probably a mental problem. Maybe too much time in gym class. :)

Joanna said...

Aw yeah, that might be lol.

I think that I didn't have enough of gym glass, because I always found a way around it lol. I was much more into drama and music than athletics.

josiehenley said...
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josiehenley said...

Hey Kalendar, have you found an evil twin name yet? I propose Katalogue Girl, as cattiness is meant to be evil, there’s a nice link with shopping as The Evil (someone hangs on my shoulder saying ‘you want to buy that yarn, you really do’) and the two words kind of sit together nicely.

josiehenley said...

Apologies for the double-posting! And now I can’t work out how to delete the second one. Fail. I’ll just go now...