Friday, June 15, 2007

I never post on this thing.
I should
I've been knitting, but not half so much as I could be knitting if I didn't have grad-school.

Most recently I finished two scarves, both 20 stitches in the pattern:
All rows: *K4, P4*

Then I did the "My So-Called Scarf" - it turned out awesomely great, but it's already on its way to its future owner (my girlfriend's dad), and I have yet to unpack my digital camera and doc, so there are no pictures available.

Recently had the idea to begin a random scrap blanket from the scraps left in my stash...I am fanatic about using up left-overs. I envision it to be a bit like the blanket knit by the main character in "Like Water for Chocolate." I just intend to keep going in garter, picking up whatever odd or end I need to use up at the time. I have a small trunk full of such scraps. I originally cast on about 250 stitches, but I am going to take it out and re-cast 400 or 500.

In other news, Knitting Podcasts make my time at the gym much more bearable. Thank you, Marie Irshad!!!

And lastly, huge paper due in about a week for my Employment Law class. Huge amount of stressing! And have also been daydreaming about finally getting started on 1) my knitting artwork 2) the beaded and knit table runner I designed 3) starting the knitting guild's master knitter program.

Well, ta for now. Am off to inventory my knitting books, magazines, and loose patterns (the kind you buy, not print from the web), then I will inventory all of my fiber. (This is me unwinding before bed)


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Zardra said...

Have you listened to Cast On? Brenda Dayne does a pretty good job of talking about knitting and she also plays a few tunes from independent musicians throughout the program. She also tends to keep the podcast to just under an hour, which can be a nice time length for working out.