Monday, March 26, 2007

Here we are with the sadness of my life.
This lovely, sparkly, and slightly varigated dark blue and gold is called "galaxy" and is a very soft, but heavy feeling cotton which smells like a nice fabric softener. It was supposed to be made into Knitty's "Convertible" which is a convertible shawl, wrap, shrug, poncho pattern. I got all of this done......and it looks really nice in the lace pattern, if I do say so myself...... and then I realized that I had exactly half of what I needed material-wise. The pattern calls for 2 skiens -2! I had missed that it needed two and thought I was good. And, well, this was the only skien in the color and I bought it something like 2 years ago now. Le sigh. I just had to take a picture before I ripped the entire thing out.

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Amanda said...

That's so sad! I think I was with you when you bought that yarn. It really is pretty. Perhaps you can use it for something from Victorian Lace Today?