Monday, July 04, 2005

This is a Wonderfully Awesome book that my friend Dani bought for me at an Antique store in Petaluma (CA). The book is Copyrighted 1942 and by Alice Carroll "Formerly Designer at Alice Maynard and Consutant on the American Red Cross Knitting Manual" This book has just about EVERYTHING. And being the 40's enthusiast that I am, this book is perfect for me. Every time I flip through it I find patterns that I want to make -mostly gloves, stockings, and sweaters. But there are cute hats, afghans, and men's sweaters. See below for a couple patterns that I thought illustrated the feel of the book.  Posted by Picasa


amylovie said...

What a neat book! Have fun with it.

You know you have too much yarn takes 2 pictures to capture it all. That made me laugh.


Zardra said...

Yea! Erin has a knitting blog, too! :)

meri_sefket said...

I'm really glad you like the book. Those stockings and white gloves alone were worth it.