Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is a test. This is only a test. Had the new inability to post pictures been real, this test would have been followed by me totally freaking out. This is only a test


Carolynn said...

You must try lornas laces for socks. I use shepherd sock (which is what is in the picture) on size 1 needles (addi turbo 40" circ magic loop (what I was doing at the con.

Amanda said...

Oh, you linked to me--thanks!

BTW, I miss you, and you look WONDERFUL in your costume! I love all these pictures.

It's so odd having knitting group without you. We have a pretty consistent batch of regulars now: me, Holly, Kelly, Corie, and a girl named Teresa who represents the crochet camp. Usually about 4 people show. It's nice, but not as nice as it would be with you too!

Carolynn said...

yeah those were the socks that I was working on at the con. I'm very sad, but they were just too small. :(