Sunday, May 11, 2008

Am currently obsessed with Chore Wars - Lime and Violet Style. I am still only level one, but I hope that will change as I listen to more episodes.

Are any of you not listening to Lime and Violet? You need to listen to them. It is an amazingly wonderful knitting podcast.

Am working on
- a lovely pair of socks
- a very big baby blanket
- a shawl (which is actually technically in hibernation)
- a mitred square blanket
- and have tons of things in queue.

Too much knitting to do!
Why oh why must I have so much homework?

Nothing for it but to keep working.

~Miss Kalendar


Deva said...

Erin Balabanian!!! You knitting fiend!! THIS is where I find you in my Google Search?! OY! I miss you terribly and love you too!! Tell me everything! Great haircut!! Love, Deva

Kalendar Girl said...

Deva! It won't let me comment or look at your profile. I'm going to try to find your blog because I miss you!!!!!!