Monday, June 30, 2008

Working on what I am calling a "Stash Scarf." If this stops being so yarn-hungry, I will eventually have 6, all moving gradually through at least 3 colors. However, the stitch I'm using (From My-so-called scarf) is really really yarn-hungry. The small snippet to the right is almost 5 skeins. It began with a light olive green wool and moved into a greenish brown part mullberry silk, part mohair. After using a lot of the greenish brown, it is moving to a light brown wool. I might run out too soon and have to combine it with the colors picked out for the next scarf.

Overall, I've been really pleased with how it's turned out. These "Stash Scarves" are being made from the remnants of a sweater I was supposed to finish for my X-Finace's mom's friend. She had bought the pattern and yarn (over $300 dollars worth in the 80s, if I don't miss my guess) as her first project. It was, years later the sweater, the back partially done, backwards to the pattern, in too small a size, was given to me to finish. I began it last year - but only later realized that it wasn't going to work. Not only did I not want to weave in all of those ends (hundreds, literally), the sweater was too small for the recipient, with no good way to increase, and it seemed not quite enough yarn in any case. I also did not care for the pattern, which involved some very intense color work, and a carry along of 2 colors for every stitch. To make matters worse, I noted some holes which would have required ripping, which would have resulted in too little yarn. So, on Saturday a friend and I ripped and salvage what we could. I let her take any that she wanted, and I determined to make some scarfs with the leftovers. This is the first one I attempted, and I tried to use the two strand carry-along, swapping 1 at a time to gradually change color. This is the one element that I am keeping from the original sweater. The downside is that I had to rip a sweater in progress. The upside is a lot of free Rowan Stash in many assorted candy colors.


A Snarky Mermaid Librarian said...

I miss you too! Do you ever come visit this side of the hill? You must tell me if you do!

And yes, she does, which is why I thought she'd make an excellent decoy image....muahahaha.

So I got my billionth comment on how cute the cat hat you made me is - I swear, if you make those and sell them you'd become a millionare. Seriously. =^-^=

Amanda said...

I hope you are well. It's been so long since we talked. I miss you.

That looks like it will be a cool scarf. I love color chaning stuff, and stash busting is a very good practice. I have a bunch of different projects going, but haven't knit much since Dan and I got a new kitten.

Take care Sweetie!