Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss Kalendar, the victorian lady/ actress

And here we have Miss Kalendar, all decked out in her honest victorian spendour. I believe credit for the headshot, the one of Miss Kalendar and Gail Carriger, and the one of Miss Kalendar and Mr. Roger U. Rightley after their curtain calls belongs to RJ.

I believe the last one is by Brittney Hart.

Here we see Miss Kalendar in her somewhat authentic victorian state. Yes, those curls are actually hers, and yes, she is in correct dress, all the way to the bone.....but that is not what interests you. So let me tell you something that might, yes, she was knitting in every available moment, and yes, she may have been devising a lace corset-cover to steam-punk....

But then, you probably have guessed that....

Oh, off to the christmas party!

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riastiltskein said...

Is the show still playing?