Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miss Kalendar goes on a finishing spree

So, here we see some of my most recent projects. There is a scarf for my hairdresser, some nautilis toys for my best-friend's daughter, a pair of thickwoodsman socks for my boyfriend, a pair of monkey socks for myself, and a button-up shrug that moves from a shrug to a stole.

I've always been a rectangular shawl/stole sort of girl, I don't generally like the triangular or pie shawl. But I am thinking of making an exception and trying out some EZ pie-shawl patterns or a pharosee shawl.....or even one of the nice not rectangular shawls from Victorian Knitting.

There is also a picture of Miss K, herself, looking partially maniacal as I contemplate more of my finishing. And because I was in the mood to get things off the needles....

I picked up the knitting masters level 1 again and actually tried my hand at blocking the 15 swatches that I'd knitted. I only have one more swatch and a hat to knit - and then some questions to answer and a short research essay to write. About now is when my SOs began asking me why I was doing this and why I was paying for the priveledge. My only reply is that I want to know that I could do it and I wanted to learn more about knitting. I feel like there are holes in my knowledge, and I want to fix them. I figured this would be a pretty comprehensive way to do that. Besides, if I am teaching knitting workshops and steampunk knitting groups, etc., I should have the skills and certification to back up my teaching. It's like knit-teaching street cred - beyond my ravelry projects and patterns.

So, enjoy the pictures. There will be pictures of the dreaded blocking soon!

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