Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Knit Vacation :)

So, as some of you may know, I spent the first week of April on a knitting vacation.  Below are some of the images and good times from that vacation. We were in Missouri! The purpose for the time and place of the vacation was an event called Camp KIP (Knit in Public), organized by Jackie, who has a podcast called KIPping it Real.

Image one: the St. Louis arch! You can't get the full majesty from this picture - and for that I apologize. What can I say? It was from the car.

This second image is from a cute bistro in an adorable old part of Missouri where we were having lunch!

This picture was taken in a divine place called Bailey's Chocolate Bar. I decided on a chocolate and pumpkin dessert which came with cinnamon ice cream on the side. Who knew that Missouri was soooo tasty?

This is a picture from the actually knitting camp where I met Roue, one of my favorite podcasters. She's a sweetheart!

And now on to the knitting! This is the Japanese Garden Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson. I started it the day after steamcon and finished it the day after   I got home from the vacation. It was a super-fun knit. And also, the lace was easy enough to do while on the plane and talking to others. Someday I need to block it so the lace is visible.

This is the newest pair of socks for the finacee. They are getting close to done, which is good because otherwise the selfish index for this month is going to off the charts!

At camp we saw a ton of Daybreak shawls (Stephen West aka Westknits design) and fell in love. So, a bunch of us podcaster types decided to have a knitalong. I purchased yarn for my Daybreak while at camp on the day the vendors came onsite. Below is the beginning of my Daybreak.


And, lastly, here is a picture of my poor living room as we ramp up our costume and prop-making for BayCon this year........lord have mercy on our souls

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Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

Wow, great post! I almost felt like I was there with you...oh wait...I WAS! Makes me sigh to see the pics. Beautiful shawl BTW. Miss you!