Monday, February 13, 2012

Into the breach!

Well, today it finally started raining. Living in mid/northern California is a little confusing at times. For example, it's been dry, but cloudy off and on since October. It's also been very brightly sunny and hot enough for tanktops. Last time I checked, it's Winter. While I know it doesn't generally snow where I live, I would like the weather to take some notice. Of course, that's easy for me to say, isn't it? 2 hours north of me it's been pouring. And, well, I think last winter there were record rains where I was. But this year? This feels like a really mild summer.....for months.

Still, it could be worse.

Bear in mind, your fearless heroine is typing this from inside a work cafeteria. I had blithely determined that a break in the weather meant that I and my umbrella should high-tail it to a cafe at work which has Pho (noodles and meat or veggies in hot broth). So, I did - and I took a detour to get some extra walking in as well since I missed my workout in order to sleep in this morning, something I hope will help me convince my body that I don't really have this cold that has been threatening me. About half-way through my detour - at literally the farthest point from any buildings, it decided to pour. Classic. In fact, so classic that I had my umbrella prepared. However, that simple umbrella did not stop me from being soaked from the knees down - with spots on my back and chest, on my face, and in my hair.

Needles to say, even though I've finished my lunch (I smartly worked while slurping my soup), I'm in no rush to go back outside any time soon........... but I didn't bring a charger, and that means that my working from this cafe must needs come to an end. Shivering in my soaked jeans, this seems incredibly cruel of fate. What was so compelling about the Pho that I started off on this foolhardy adventure anyway? I can only imagine that it has to do with the fact that my usual dinner Pho-buddy, J, has been busy with things like having a baby and I just wanted a little taste of our old treat. In the scheme of things, getting your legs soaked when you've got a cold and forgot your jacket on a windy and rainy day just to have a little nostalgia isn't really that bad of a tradeoff.

But I'm totally going to make myself a latte when I get back to my building and desk. Just sayin'

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