Sunday, January 20, 2013

MId-January 2013 Project Status

Well, as one might expect, I can't seem to goa month without finishing something.

As proof, I  maintain that we're about halfway through the month of January, and I have already finished two things!

As you may or may not remember from the last post, there were 11 unfinished projects at the start of 2013. I'm happy to report the fact that two of those are done.  To the side, you can see the blanket I started last summer while my husbean was in surgery. I couldn't get a pic of it all spread out because it's frigging huge and we don't have enough floor space.
But trust me, it's huge.

I took a couple pictures just hoping to give you a feel of the crazy-quilt style this blanket embodies. 

I like how it turned out, and I like how it looks with my friend's baby playing on it in my living room. Keep in mind, the whole thing is garter, just using up odds and ends of dk/sport weight in my stash.

Next, I finished some spinning! I had trouble getting a good pic of this with my neanderthal camera skills. So let me just tell you what it is, pink and brown with a little white. I spun it so that the pink and brown were tempered by the white rather than preserving them as deep colors. I like the semi-pastel way it turned out. Very vintage baby. It's a two ply, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. But I'm sensing a shouldrette or really big cowl in it's future.

Here's the best close-up I could get. Sorry for the blurriness.

But what would my life be without a new project here and there? Are you groaning? Maybe 11 is my magic number! So I wound up these two lovely skeins of sock yarn (cascade heritage, if I remember correctly). These two are going to be a daybreak for my friend Micah. He's awesome enough to wear a Daybreak the way Stephen West intended. So he gets one.

This will be the 3rd one I've made. I'm still not sick of the pattern. Something about it is just fun. I think I should probably investigate other Stephen West patterns soon. Who knows what I could be missing??

Below is the first progress pic of this lovely.

And, lastly, what would life be without starting something new on the wheel? I just took something off, so it is probably lonely, right?

This supremely cheery yellow and orange is courtesy of my friend Erica. We made a deal last year that I'd provide her with a whole, clean, pin-drafted fleece, and she'd give me half of it back dyed. I'm not sure how many ounces I have in this color, but I'm smitten. It's the perfect winter doldrums spinning. How can you not be happy when faced with this?

So, yeah, 11 projects again. Whoops!

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