Friday, February 01, 2013

End of January 2013 Post

It's the end of January, you know what that means....time for the tally!  Just before the end of Jan I finished my socks out of Poste Yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company.  Pretty nice stuff! I was in love with the colorway. It's got these great thick stripes in brown, turquoise, and light blue.  Below is a close-up of the yarn, but first the stats:
January 2013 reconing:
  • 1 pair of socks (for me)
  • 1 skien of yarn in pink and brown
  • 1 huge blanket 
Selfish index: 100%


Here's my most recent acquisition, courtesy of  It's 4 cones of yarn (LB 18somethingorother), a book called Amigurumi Knits, and a new ball-winder. The ball-winder is to replace the one that I have that doesn't work so well anymore.
And, of course, what end of month post would be complete without showing my new projects. I couldn't help it, I had a little startitis.

To the right is my new project out of Bernat Mosaic, two different colorways, which looks a lot like if you do the same thing with Noro. The yarn is a lot like Noro, I suspect on purpose.
And here is my last new project, another daybreak. This will be my 3rd. It's done in a dark red (sorry for the bad color in the picture) and navy blue variegated yarn and a plain navy yarn, both are cascade heritage.

I love the daybreak, it's such a quick knit - probably because you can plan to do just 1 more stripe before you put it down and suddenly, you have a ton of stripes.


WendyMcD said...

I'm really behind in your podcasts but I'm a loyal listener and will get caught up. You were reviewing Supernatural and I thought to share this with you. I recently got a larger skein of yarn and dyed up some yarn for myself. I have these GREAT stitch markers with a hell hound, Deans favorite! LOL a knife, cross etc. Check it out. The yarn is so GREAT that I have to make my own socks.

Going to enjoy playing catch up with you.... yeah, really far behind. I have a long new list of stuff you might like... White Collar, 24 to name two.

Nancy Liedel said...

One cannot be a selfish knitter if one is knitting for 2. BTW, after ultrasound number 1, we knicknamed (pun intended) the little one, "the bean," because it really does look like a bean. They staid that way until all ultrasounds (and there were many, I go way early), showed three legs on all, instead of two. I guess, technically, the one in the middle is not a leg. :) then, they were boy beans. No names shared until said child entered the world. It's better that way. No one can kvetch.