Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spinning Fever! 2013


So, being pregnant, I've run into a common pregnancy symptom called "nesting." I'm given to understand that this usually affects women by having them clean and organize. I'm no exception for the most part. I've been cleaning and I did reorg my entire stash and catalog it. But I've got an added fiber dimension to my nesting. I call it SPINNING FEVER!

I don't know why, but I have been spinning like a mad woman. As you can see from my last post (April 25th), I already finished 2 wheel-spinning projects. While I'm still working on the wheel, I've now moved to drop-spinning. You know, because it's soooo much more efficient (/sarcasm). 

Here's another pic (with better detail, but not as true to color as the above). This is the fruit of two different drop spindles. The teal and purple are the same batt - I split it so that most of the purple would be in one set and most of the teal on the other. There's some cross-over, and the accents are black, white, green, and firestar.   The grey is from another spindle that I decided to clear so I could give it to my friend Sherry, so I could teach her to spin. First it needed a hook added to it. I had been spinning without one since it broke.

Then, there's the 3rd drop spindle I'm working on. This is the one I call my "lucky spindle" because it's 4-leaf clovers saved in resin (or something). It doesn't spin exceptionally well, but it's decent and it's pretty. I'm spinning two different batts (I think) that are almost exactly the same. I know that one of them I got on my cruise to Alaska when the husbean and I got engaged. The other.....may be the same. It also could be something I bought later. The similarities are stunning. I'll really know when I finish the 2nd half of the first batt and move to 2nd bat, which looks like it has more purple. 

And here is a close up of the first bat, one finished half and one progress. The batt is purple, lavender, light green, super light blue, and sparkle. You can see some of the sparkle glinting at you from this picture. So....apparently this is my new nesting activity. You know, not really something useful. Let's just hope I can keep myself from the supported spindle for a little bit longer.......

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