Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am Untrustworthy

So, I had this plan. The plan was that I wouldn't buy any yarn or fibre from when my son was born until Stitches West. In my last post I showed you how I accidentally (and yes, it was an accident, I legitimately forgot I was doing this) ruined this and purchased two skeins of yarn the other week. Fine. That's not so bad. It was a temporary lapse caused by mommy-brain (which is, as it turns out, a real thing).  Of course I would just start over and hold fast to my non-fibre-purchasing goal from now on.

Not so much.

 As it turns out, I am incredibly untrustworthy.

Pictured to the right is my latest and largest fail. You see that? I even had to buy a bag to put it all in. That bag is literally crammed full of yarn. Crammed.

What was I thinking, you ask? I'm kind of laughing over here, since I'm pretty sure that nothing can really justify this amount of purchasing while being on a self-imposed and much needed yarn diet. It's not that I'm being draconian on myself, it's that I have so much I have run out of room in the fiboreum to stash it all. As a result, I have a mini-yarn stash in the living room under the built-in bench seating and have just expanded that to a cupboard in the living room's armoire. I actually do have too much yarn at this point. I am using it, true, but not nearly fast enough to purchase any more at the moment, and certainly not fast enough to warrant this much more.
 Here's the view of the contents of the bag unpacked. We'll get to close-ups and what it's actually for in a moment. Do you see that?

That's 26 skeins of yarn. 26!

The needles are beyond reproach since needles are never counted in my yarn diets. Needles are what makes it so you can use your yarn. They are tools, not stash. Especially when you're buying sizes you don't have yet.

 This picture is a little dark, but is meant to show 18 specific balls of yarn. The red, green, and white (the white has sparkles, by the way, very cool) are for my son's christmas stocking. About now you are probably wondering what type of stocking takes 18 balls of yarn. Funny story....so there I was in the yarn store deciding on stocking yarn and my addled, sleep-deprived, new-mom brain says "but wait, what if you have another child? You'll want to make sure you get enough yarn to make him/her a matching stocking." So I grab another ball of each color. Then my brain says "You never know, it could be twins." So I grab another ball of red. Then the brain says "Shouldn't you consider making your husband one to match?" Another few balls get added onto the pile. "And what about your future grandchildren?" And that's when I emptied the yarn cubby into my basket.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

 The other 8 skiens? Well, what can I say? They were on sale.

The turquoise has already fulfilled its purpose and been given to the coworker I bought it for. That's 1 down already!!

The 4 variegated are  being banked for next year's charity knitting at work. I figured I might as well get a price break on yarn I'd be buying anyway.

And the other 3 are that pull-apart net-like yarn that's so popular for making ruffly scarves. I'll be using it to turn out some quick co-worker gifts.

Not too bad, right??




(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

LOL - your yarn diet sounds like my fiber diet! One visit to Purlescence and a view of the new cashmere, and *poof!* - there went that resolution. And - Fiboreum - love that! Mind if I steal the name?

Erica said...

Keep telling yourself that, dear. (Says the woman who bought six skeins of Noro Chirimen last week.)