Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knitting masters 1 update

Have finished all but the last swatch of the knitting masters level 1

I have woven in the ends on 7 of the swatches so far. That is 14 ends woven in invisibly. Now I only have to weave in all the rest - which, once the color work swatch is completed, will be something like 30 more ends. Great.

Then I have to block them and write the essays/questions, prep into a binder, and send.

The only problem?
-- I have no blocking board of any sort.
The solution?
--I purchased one two days ago online after doing a google search. Online purchase, $55 dollars on sale with the shipping, but it is a small one: 20 something by 20 something inches. but large enough to block 4X4 squares.

Wish me luck - have about a million projects started and a wicked need to make a cardigan. Why? Because it's another project I don't need to get involved in right now, apparently.

Take care, drive safe in the rainy days. Now little drunkie pie me is going to start a branching out scarf in some Rowan "Cork" in bright green. (merino woveny yarn, yummy!)

~Miss Kalendar

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