Monday, November 03, 2008

Steampunk Con Pictures!

Miss Kalendar says:

So, here I have two pictures of each of the costumes I wore at the Steam Punk convention from 11/01-11/02/08

I had 4 costumes, but I didn't manage to get there before everything closed up on Friday night, and I opted out of the concert on Saturday night. So, you get two costumes: the Tally HO (named for the ho-ish-ness of the outfit), and the Black and White Eyestrain (named for the tiny stripes on the jacket). Note the steampunk armwarmers are being worn at con! I wore them all day, with the boots I accessorized, with no issue. Great accessory. I will do up the pattern for ravelry, as I was asked by about 6 people if I could make them some.

Also featured is a lovely woman, who is crocheting me a gorgeous necklace. I don't know what name she wants to go by, so we'll leave her anonymous for now.

There is currently no knitting for the Eyestrain outfit - I'm thinking a reticule. How about you?

And - true to form - here is a picture of me knitting in costume.

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McBunnison said...

Nice black and white stripped jacket...