Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans!

So, believe it or not, the radio silence you've been experiencing on this blog has not been intentional. It's not that I haven't wanted to write to you, it's just that I've been so damned busy DOING things, you know? For example, right below here, I've included a picture of some yarn I just finished spinning. It's kind of washed out because I took the picture in full noon sun, but it is a cool dark maroon. It's also a little on the thick and thin side and full of veg matter. The damn thing fought me the entire way, but not as if I was spinning against it - just in that it didn't want to be too easy. As a result, thick and thin, but it plied nicely, and damn is it lofty!
I've got three huge skiens of it.


I also did some knitting. This is a french press cozy that I designed on the fly (its hard to mess up when you're doing it in ribbing). This roving (roving?) was given to me by Tika (Tikabelle). It is all sort of pastels that melt into each other. That wasn'y by accident. When I spun it, I didn't have too much - about half of what Tika had left, and so I navajo plied it for practice and to try to maintain/keep control of the color changes. I think the cozy turned out nicely. It's open a bit on the back for the handle and I'm debating putting a button on it to bring in the sides underneath the handle. I'm wondering if it will fit on a teapot as well. I suppose I could take it off the french press and try it, but I get so happy seeing those Eastery pastels. It is, afterall, the right time of year for those colors.

I also engaged in making fancy sandwiches this weekend. You know, some turkey, some tomato, a toasted bun, fresh ground pepper, fresh basil, a little mozzarella, and a touch of vinegar and oil. What could be better than that? Well......maybe if I made my own bread?

 Looks kinda good, doesn't it? That was my first loaf. Technically, this loaf wasn't from this weekend, but a couple of weeks ago. I made my 4th and 5th loafs this weekend - one with some added cinnamon and sugar and another with sun dried tomatoes and garlic. But here is where it all began - with this little guy. Well, maybe not so little. The loaf was huge and more than the Fiancee and I could eat in one week. The recipe (and this is super simple) can be found here, on the breadotopia website. Trust me, if I can make it perfectly the first time, so can you. And don't worry about it saying you need a dutch over - I did mine in my oven and it was great.

Those weren't ALL the shenanigans from the weekend - but I have to save something to blog about about during the week. I will, however, tell you that I am going to the Harmony Sweeps this weekend to cheer on my Fiancee in his a capella group: Brass Farthing (my guy is the one in the maroon top hat). And I had the delightful group of them over this weekend for an early dinner before we headed out to a local radio station to talk about the upcoming Steampunk Convention and where the boys even got to sing a bit. I keep meaning to play some of their stuff on my podcast and then forgetting. Ah well. At least I get to hear it on a regular basis!

Alright, take care, my bloggies. I'll be posting again soon!

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