Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More of July

 Well, it's official - I updated once in July and never again. But I did take pictures. So, why not give you a window into my soul? Or at least into my home life?

For starters, remember when I started a blanket to use up scraps when my husbean had surgery? Well, I've used up a lot of scraps. near the end of July, it looked like this ---->
Some people think it's hideous, others think it's cool. I'm just happy to be clearing out space from my stash and turning it into something I can use as soon as the weather changes.  I probably have at least this much again left, so now it's looking like I may make another blanket and sew them together. Spring cleaning?

 And the rest of this post will be foodie pics because, you know, that's how I roll. To the left, here, are cupcakes. Duh, right? Well these happen to have been made by a friend of mine and were delicious. I thought I'd take a picture because I was so  impressed with her sugar-work (the heart) and the frosting flowers. There are times I watch the food network and wish for the ability and time to do things this lovely, not to mention the drive..... Pretty damn impressive! (And did I mention delicious?)

Last up is the pizza I made for dinner last night. Nothing too special about this except to note that another oen of my super-talented friends made the crust. I need her recipe. I topped it with cajun sausage, basil from the garden, fancy left-over cheeses (I go through 3 expensive-ish cheese blocks for my Friday night potlucks so I'm always looking for what to do with the left-overs), and tomato-goo. The tomato goo is basically sliced tomatoes baked in the oven in olive oil, salt, and oregano. I made about 5 jars-worth of the stuff the other night to use more of my garden tomatoes which were going bad before I'd normally use them up.I'd already fed 20+ people off of home-made sauce and didn't want to do a sauce again. I wanted something that could be spread on bread and used as a snack/appetiser. This was a great substitution for the pizza because it was really flavorful and gave texture. I need to officially stop by the store so I can make more of it and perhaps properly can it for winter.

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