Monday, September 24, 2012

The sadness of moth-holes

Look at what some evil moth did to my lovely HANDSPUN Aeolian!

It may, in fact, be the saddest thing that has ever happened. To anyone. Ever.

I didn't care for detail in this pic, instead I focused (pun intended) on making sure that the big, ugly hole was visible.

So, what else was there for me to do but take up some of my leftover handspun and do my best to mend it as seamlessly as possible?

Below are two pictures of the finished mended section. I dare you to find the fix. Well, ok, you can find it, but it is at least a little difficult. Sadly, the reason for this being visible at all is that the handspun is not 100% even (my first time with this particular blend - includes tencel, etc.). But still happy with how it turned out. And have since spent some time moth-proofing my stash and closet.

After looking at the pictures below, I think you'll agree. The Aeolian is a gorgeous shawl, holes or not!

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The Fiber Diva said...

The repair looks GREAT! Well done. The shawl is amazing, too.

I was gifted with a gorgeous Pendleton wool "Firebird" blanket many years ago. I initially kept it in a cedar chest. About a year after I got it I pulled it out and was horrified to find little trails of moth munching on it. I cried my eyes out. It's safe now, but I have declared war on moths. Nasty creatures!