Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hat Madness!

I think that 2014 is the year of hats and washcloths. So, first off I'll show a small smattering of the hats that I made this year. Why not show all of them? I don't have the pics all in one place and couldn't find them. This year I supported 2 charities, Knots of Love (the charity my work knitting group supports) and Halos of Hope (the charity a LOT of podcasters did a contest for). I like Halos of Hope a lot because they are not as picky with their yarn requirements, which means that I can go to the Yarn Swap at Purlescence (Sunnyvale, CA LYS) and just take balls of people's leftovers that I like which can be worked into hats as decoration. Here are some of the hats I made for the 2 charities and I think a couple that went to my mom's church auction.

I think the stats worked out like this:
Knots of Love - 20?
Halos of Hope - 7?
Church/co-workers - 10?

I like this set, it was all based off one main big ball of grey that I got at a swap. Then I was able to take scraps obtained at previous swaps of marigold and magenta, as well as some left over green from my stash, and improvise.

These two were a ball of brick red striped with the leftover blue from the other hat. The blue hat has stripes of purple and the same marigold from above (hard to see, sorry)

I took three balls of similar weight that went really good together and came in the same bag in the swap - light green, yellow, and salmon, and made a couple hats with variations on stripes. One was 2 rounds of stripes in orer, the other was a mix of 1-3 rounds per stripe.

And this cute set is in acrylic that I purchased about 4 years ago specifically for the little girl when she was a baby. I turned out not to think of anything to make her out of it until this year (I made her other items but couldn't decide with this stuff). Oh, and it's acrylic because she is little, allergic to wool, and the colors appealed to me. 

And that's it for now. Next post: washcloths!

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