Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Imaginary Blog

While I know that I haven't updated this blog in roughly a million years (that's the scientific term), I feel like I'm always blogging. I think about this a lot - I mean sometimes as often as daily. It's the same with my limping along podcast of 5 years.....I think about it, and that somewhat scratches the itch. Then I end up making my plan for the update, and it ends up not happening. But somewhere, the part of my brain that bookmarks that this task must get done records this as complete, and then the cycle repeats. 

Now, granted, there are some other factors at work here. One is that my phone is always with me, and far easier and immediate than my camera. Anyone who has read this blog will know by now that I am not a very good photographer. It's just not something I've invested my time in (one of the few) and, as a result, I've never been very good at it, even when I have tried. I don't have a quick and easy way to move the photos from my phone that fits into my normal life rhythm, so I don't have those pics to add to here, which is challenging because this is a primarily photo blog. 

Another is that my job prides itself on just getting harder every year. People actually smile at the challenge and say "It's not like we only work 40 hours" Har Har Har. And I know I'm lucky to have a good job, with people I really like, at a company I respect, where I get to feel like I really make a difference. But that does not solve for everything - it will never give me more time for my crafting or more time with my family. That brings me to my biggest time-sink.....

The Tiny Overlord

I the crap out of this little sleep-thief and agent of chaos. He's amazing, but he is a handful and only stops running around when he's sleeping. And there's really nothing I'd rather do than find new ways to make him laugh and smile or chase him around the park, or help him learn. So, other parts of my life have had to shrink to accommodate him. That's ok, but it makes for some rather boring blogging- as you'll see in my next post, when you'll either see some of the multitude of boring hats I've been making or the endless amount of washcloths.

- Miss K

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Michelle said...

He is a ridiculously adorable little time-suck of a tiny Overlord! Just wanted to let you know that I love your podcast - I'm working my way through back episodes (slowly, because I also have a handsome little blackhole ruling my life along with a full time job and more and more neglected knitting . . .), so I honestly hadn't even noticed how far apart recent updates have been until you mentioned them. You continue to rekindle my interest in sci-fi every time I listen, and you'll probably be tickled to know that I started watching Farscape thanks to you. I'm only a few episodes in (can't watch it with the toddler, can't watch it at work, can't watch it and listen to knitting podcasts at the same time . . .), but I'm pretty much hooked. I'm looking forward to seeing hats and/or washcloths (at some point, probably weeks after you post them, because, you know).