Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Post with some Mark India Pics

It's April! I figured I had been neglecting my usual tally, so I'm going to have to try to catch up on my stats. Sadly, I haven't been keeping great track, but here's where I am so far as I can tell:

  • January: Pair of socks for me
  • Feb: Sweater for me
  • March: Socks for the Lorien (with new stitches yarn!), 2 mismatched Sasquatch socks
  • April so far: Socks for me (with new stitches yarn)
  • Selfish ratio: 3/5%

And now, some pics of the fabled mis-matched socks and India from the end of March. Finished sock and in-progress shawl pics coming shortly....along with canning pics.

The story of the mis-matched socks:

Once upon a time a quite experienced knitter went to a yarn store and picked up two matching balls of yarn. The knitter was thinking about her friend, the recipient of the Sasquatch socks. She knew he needed more socks and this was her idea of what to do on her long flights. Yay. However, halfway through the leg of the sock, the Knitter realized that the socks were turning out differently. Can you see the difference in the picture of me on the plane below?

Here's my coworkers and I at a nice barbeque place. That's barbeque on the table there in front of us.

And here I am with the mis-matched sasquatch socks at the Dubai Airport. They grew! But I didn't finish them until later that week.

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