Sunday, April 01, 2012

Working for the Weekend?

Hey Peeps,

So, I'm sitting here with my Husbean, Smartest Monkey.  We're watching Stargate SG1 (the entire series, a couple episodes per a night), and he's working. This is the part I don't like about being a silicon valley corporate automaton. Either I'm working all nights and weekends for months on end, or he is. To his credit, this is really good work-ethic. If I were him, knowing I'd be going in for surgery tomorrow, I'd probably be saying "screw it" to the most recent drop-everything-now project and taking a break for some me-time. Or, as the recent muppet movie called it, a Me Party. (Don't get me started on what that made me think of).

But we're hard workers, so he's tirelessly coding on some project while the hours count down to bedtime and he gets ready to have his sinuses drilled into. mmmmm How's that for a mental picture?

But it's not all bad. We spent a lot of time being social this weekend, which was lovely. First we had a number of friends over on Friday night for a potluck - the theme of which was the letter G. This meant things like Garlic, Guiness, Gouda, Goat Cheese, etc. were had. On Saturday we headed over to a friend's place to watch Evil Dead 2 and 3 and then the newest Muppet Movie. Then, today, we had a lovely brew day at our friend's place where I got to wrangle some friend's children and introduce them to my spinning wheel.

None of this would have been possible a few months ago when I was spending all weekend every weekend head-down working.  While I feel incredibly lucky to have a job right now, seeing what a number of my friends are going through in the job-market with this crappy economy, I do feel a little sad that having a job has come to generally mean working around the clock. Sometimes I wish there was more of a compromise.  Right now I'm in a lucky "slow" time where I can take most of my weekend for myself. I also almost don't feel guilty for it. Almost.

Because I studied politics in school, and business, I wonder where this is heading the US as a country.  Are we going to end up working ourselves as hard as possible until burn-out and replacement by new staff who are dying to have any job because the alternative is poverty and unemployment? Are all the labor wins that unions fought for over the years going to be eroded by rhetoric and manipulation? Sometimes I worry about the world that the next generation is going to inhabit. Sometimes I wonder if retirement will exist by the time I'm old enough for it - or if there will be an "old enough" for retirement over time.

But, for now, I'll do the laundry and prepare dinner, kiss my husbean while he codes, and log in to work, myself, to prepare for Monday morning by working Sunday night.

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